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Chess Default Replacement

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Uploaded: 28th Nov 2021 at 10:42 PM
I love tsld's chess default, but the polycount is very high (the pieces range between rougly 600-900 polys per piece plus a texture size of 2048x1024) so I thought, why don't I give it a try and well, here is my take on a chess default (♡˙ㅂ˙♡)b

This is a simple txmt edit (it's literally 1kb!) where I removed the reflection and changed color from gold and turquoise(?) to black & white, which I think EA originally intended the colors to be - since the txmts are named "chessboardpiece_white" and "chessboardpiece_black" :-D

BlueBlood220 has a very similiar default here, but I found the white to be too bright and the black too black (and their default still have the reflection).

Oh and also, based on how what lighting mode you use (if, you use any!) and what kind of lamp/outside light there is, the colors will look different. In my preview I'm using a yellow-ish light (and I'm using the cinema secrets lighting mod) hence the white pieces looking a bit yellow. In daylight they will look more white :-)

The file has been compressed to reduce file size, and remember you can only have one default for the chess pieces in your downloads folder at a time! In other words, if you use any of the defaults I linked above you have to remove them before installing mine :-)

Credit: EA