Muffin Default Replacement

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Uploaded: 22nd Jun 2021 at 10:21 AM
Updated: 11th Sep 2021 at 12:14 PM
Here are some defaults for the toy oven and muffin-related stuff :-)

I re-mapped the muffin pan and ingredients bag. I also gave them new textures (the ingredients bag now has its own texture and is no longer repo’d to toyoven-surfaces_txtr). I re-sized the muffin textures to 128x128 (EA’s original were 64x64) and gave them a new cooked and burned texture. They are compatible with Rosebine’s re-sized muffin!

The pink measuring cup children use when baking muffins is repo’d to toyoven-surfaces_txtr, which means that it will pick up my default replacement as well :-)

You can choose between separate and merged defaults, and all files have been compressed to reduce file size. If you have any defaults in your downloads folder defaulting the same thing as my defaults, you have to remove those before installing mine. Let me know if you encounter any issues :-)
  • If you choose to download my defaults as separate files, the muffin pan is merged with the toy oven (otherwise it would look weird) and if you don’t install my ingredients bag default, it will use part of the toy oven’s texture, like EA's original does.

Oh and also! Forgot to mention, I recommend sunrader’s “fix” and itsdiamondeyesuniverse’s more muffin options! :-D

Credits: EA and someone I couldn't find the name of for the muffin icon :-(