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Chateau Bathroom Set

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Uploaded: 28th May 2020 at 9:28 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2023 at 8:28 AM
here's my dreamy castle bathroom set, that slowly grew into a collection.

All items are base-game compatible, aside from one painting that requires NightLife EP.
Collection file included - place it in Downloads, or Collections Folder.

I'm aware that some of you will only be interested in my orchid plants,
so I've attached additional set of orchids, that pull textures from base game pots:

Found in Buy Mode/Decorative/Plants
Orchid in a Clay Pot - 201 S - master mesh, required.
Orchid in Smaller Clay Pot - 200 S
- both pull textures from "Simulated Succulent".
Orchid in Mystic Life Pot - 200 S - Pot textures pulled from "Mystic Life Flower".
These meshes can be used together with the Chateau orchids.

05.06.23 Updated - fixed non-recolourable pot for orchid in a clay pot master mesh.

Chateau Bathroom Set:

Vintage Toilet - Master mesh, required by all meshes inside the Bathroom Set Folder!

Vintage Toilet with a Lid
cost 1000 S each, found in Buy Mode/Plumbing/Toilets
Note: only male Sims put the seat up when using toilet,
animations will look wonky. But I just had to have a printed toilet seat in my game
and maybe some of you need one too
(yeah, I know.. It couldn't get more chateau than that )

Shower BathTub - costs 2800 S, has recolorable metal subset,
found in Buy Mode/Plumbing/Showers,

Buy Mode/Plumbing/Sinks:
Large WashStand - 955 S - second master mesh to three objects with marble top:
Smaller WashStand - 950 S
Chest of Drawers - 422 S
Endtable - 421 S
Both found in Buy Mode/Surfaces/EndTables

Lacquered Pot Stand
Porcelain Tray - has five placement slots.
Both cost 102 S. Found in Buy Mode/Surfaces/Miscellaneous

Buy Mode/Decorative/Miscellaneous:
Porcelain Toothbrush Holder
Porcelain Jar
Porcelain Cosmetics
Porcelain Soap Dish
- all cost 102 S.

Buy Mode/Lighting/Wall Lamps:
Wall Candelabrum - 359 S - Gold parts pull texture and recolors from base game candelabrum,
I've also included a few
recolors of Antebellum Wall Lamp

Buy Mode/Decorative/Wall:
Framed Antique Prints - 623 S - has recolourable picture subset.
Framed Prints - Anonymous Masterpiece - 622 S - Pulls texture and recolors from NightLife EP painting.

Orchid Plant Vase - 203 S - master mesh, required by other orchids,
file contains 5 colors.
Orchid Plant Hexagon Pot - 202 S
Orchid Plant Smaller Vase - 202 S
Found in Buy Mode/Decorative/Plants

Chateau decor items
(items, that don't require Vintage Toilet mesh):

Buy Mode/Decorative/Miscellaneous:
Glass Jar
Folded Towels Stack - has one placement slot.
Both cost 101 S and have recolors included in the mesh file.

Tub Curtain - 400 S - mesh contains three shades.
Found in Buy Mode/Decorative/Curtains

Buy Mode/Decorative/Mirrors:
Large Three-Fold Mirror - 852 S - Master mesh to other mirrors:
Smaller Mirror - 850 S
Quatrefoil Mirror - 851 S

As a little bonus,
I've included tiles and floors featuring my beloved Quatrefoil
(pattern comes from early 19thc. cement tiles)
Build Mode/Floor/Tiles
Large Quatrefoil Floor Tile - three shades of gray
Small Quatrefoil - Floor & Ceiling Tiles
- all cost 35 S
Build Mode/Wall/Panels
White wood & Quatrefoil Panel
White Wood Panel
White & Grey Wood Panel
- all cost 9 S.

If you like the console/endtable featured in the screenshots, look for the file in the comments section (page 2).

Enjoy !

Note: Orchid plants are between 1500 to 2180 polygons,
so if you're running the game on a slower PC,
better not to have dozens of these on one lot

I've generated random GUIDs for my mesh files.
More info:

As always, remember to check if all new meshes you put in Downloads or Bins folder show up in the game.


Towel Stack could've been cloned from a planter by Honeywell, I'm not sure

Sea-weed plates by W.H. Harvey, British Sea-Weeds 1872, Biodiversity Heritage Library.
Flower plates are by F.E. Hulme, Familiar Wild Flowers,1900.

The patterns come from
Cooper-Hewitt Colletion, Smithsonian Design Museum

Chinoiserie wallpaper:
Peacock by Arthur Sanderson & Sons, Ltd., 1910:
Parrot by Zuber & Cie. (France), 1905?1913:
Birds pattern by Nancy McClelland, 1928

And others

Polygon Counts:
Porcelain Jar: 314 poly,
Porcelain Toothbrush Holder: 330 poly,
Glass Jar: 365 poly,
Porcelain Tray: 368 poly,
Porcelain Soap Dish: 374 poly,
Folded Towels: 408 poly,
Porcelain Cosmetics: 614 poly,
Framed Prints: 623 poly,
Quatrefoil Mirror: 728 poly,
Smaller Mirror : 778 poly,
Three-Fold Mirror: 1156 poly,
Tub Curtain: 1229 poly,
Endtable: 1299 poly,
Orchid in a Hexagon Pot: 1447 poly,
Orchid in Mystic Life Pot: 1489 poly,
Smaller Orchid Plant Vase: 1549 poly,
Orchid in a smaller Clay Pot: 1607 poly,
Wall Candelabrum: 1742 poly,
VIntage Toilet: 1755 poly,
VIntage Toilet with a Lid: 1833 poly
Chest of Drawers: 1956 poly,
Orchid Plant Vase: 2126 poly,
Orchid in a Clay Pot: 2184 poly,
Shower Bathtub: 2732 poly,
Smaller WashStand: 2830 poly,
Large WashStand: 2834 poly

Additional Credits:
SimPe, creators of CEP, Compressorizer, Blender