BroHill/Modern Wooden Cabinet Add-ons

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2020 at 7:57 PM
Updated: 19th Aug 2020 at 11:02 PM
I really like the set of BroHill and Modern Wooden Cabinetry but felt there were a few pieces missing.

One being a full size pantry cabinet. My version is the same height as the BroHill refrigerator. It is considered a wall cabinet and as such fits well on a counter as well as on the floor.

Second is a custom vent hood for over the stove.

Lastly, the refrigerator is already built into it's own cabinet. Using the existing short cabinet has always felt unsatisfactory. I have converted the taller cabinet into a size that fits nicely on top of the fridge.

All three of these pieces are available in the 8 standard colors. I was able to use the existing textures with some minor modifications.

Catalog Locations:

Modern Wooden Pantry Unit - Objects by Room / Kitchen / Cabinets - Price 200 simoleons
Modern Wooden Range Hood - Objects by Room / Kitchen / Stoves - Price 200 simoleons
Modern Wooden Under-Mount Cabinet - Objects by Room / Kitchen / Cabinets - Price 200 simoleons

All the meshes and textures began life as standard Parenthood pieces but have been modified by myself thanks to the people at Sims4Studio and Blender.

It's been quite a learning experience!


Polygon Counts:
Modern Wooden Pantry Unit - High 420 Vertices/ 240 Polygons - Med 420 Vertices/ 240 Polygons - Low None
Modern Wooden Range Hood - High 86 Vertices/ 56 Polygons - Med 86 Vertices/ 56 Polygons - Low None
Modern Wooden Under-Mount Cabinet - High 390 Vertices/ 212 Polygons - Med 376 Vertices/204 Polygons - Low None

Additional Credits: