Default replacements for two BG toddler dresses

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Uploaded: 22nd Nov 2020 at 1:00 AM
These are default replacements for the pfbodydressclosedsleeves and pfbodydress female toddler dresses from the base game. The replacement mesh is Skell's PF version of the "elite" dress from TSS. The replacement packages for each outfit are in separate rar files, as is Skell's mesh. In addition, non-default versions of the recolors I made are in another rar file.

The replacement textures for the six pfbodydressclosedsleeves outfits are taken from this set by DeeDee. You can replace any or all of the Maxis dresses as you wish, but there were only eight outfits in that set, so I only made one replacement option for each outfit.

Each of the two pfbodydress outfits has two replacement options. For each of them, one option is one of the two polkadot dresses (teal and red) that I didn't use for the pfbodydressclosedsleeves outfits, and the other is a recolor or retexture that I made. The patterned dress is retextured with the flower kaleidoscope pattern by sherrydee846 & yoksel at Colourlovers.

Remember, you can only use one replacement package for any particular outfit. If you use more than one replacement package for an outfit, the game will use the one that loads last, which may not be the one you want. You can use the replacement packages with other defaults for pfbodydressclosedsleeves and pfbodydress, as long as they load after it.

Custom content in images:
Default skins by Leh
(Note: The download links at GoS don't work, the skins can be downloaded here
Default eyes by Lyran (Wayback Machine link)
(Note: The download link is the pic of the eyes. It appears to be working at least some of the time.)
Default replacement eyebrows by rainstorm25

Poly count: 1996 (slightly higher than Maxis)

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for the original dress mesh, and Skell, for the PF conversion. Also, the ivory texture makes a decent template for recolors and retextures.
DeeDee, for the textures
sherrydee846 & yoksel at Colourlovers, for the flower kaleidoscope pattern