Be mean to your loved ones!

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Uploaded 7th Jan 2021 at 1:25 PM · Updated 9th Jan 2021 at 4:17 PM by nnie : Link to Tester thread added

Sims can now be directed to irritate or even fight eachother no matter their relationship.

All other conditions remain intact, adults can't fight children, a sim still needs to be in a bad mood to nag someone else, and so on and so forth.

This mod shouldn't change the sims autonomous behaviour, but further testing is needed to fully confirm that it doesn't.
EDIT 09.01: Some people are reporting seeing more autonomous fights. We're investigating to see what's causing it. If you'd like to help, please see this thread -


This mod was made using the Ultimate Collection, but should work with any combination of packs, as well as base game only.

The enabled interactions are listed below.

- Annoy
- Insult
- Nag

- Attack/Fight
- Poke
- Shove
- Slap

- Noogie

Other mods that change the guardian behaviours of these interactions, such as Kestrellyn's Fight While Pregnant will conflict with this mod.

Additional Credits:
This mod was co-created by my non-simmer girlfriend, Skye, and would've been a headache without her. Additional thanks to the creators of simPE, the tutorials on BHAV editing found here on modthesims and EddySims on Tumblr's HQ Icon Pack, which was used in the thumbnail.