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Decorative Plants

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Uploaded: 19th Jan 2021 at 2:20 PM
This is a set comprising of some deco plants and tress converted from Sims 4.There are a total of 12 in number. Hopefully it will help in decorating both the Sim's house and garden.

Decoration Plants Information
NamePriceCatalog LocationPolycountRecolorable SubsetSubset 1 NumberSubset 2 NumberTile CoveredGame Required
Tree To Get Ready333Buy mode/Decorative/Plants174916-1Base game
Do it with some vine300Buy mode/Decorative/Plants6862831Base game
Three Course Meal Planter250Buy mode/Decorative/Plants246216-4Base game
Adopt-A-Plant410Buy mode/Decorative/Plants9219-1Base game
Blooming Ordnance605Buy mode/Decorative/Plants45616-1Base game
Wow Floral Trellis165Buy mode/Decorative/Plants8542811Base game
Every Day Holiday Vase230Buy mode/Decorative/Plants45416-1Base game
Ti Tree Potted100Buy mode/Decorative/Plants9022941Base game
Ti Tree100Build mode/Garden Center/Trees87414-1Base game
DIY Oxygen Triad Planter150Buy mode/Decorative/Plants133416-1Base game
Banana Tree175Build mode/Garden Center/Trees39412-4Base game
Eco-Ergo Friendly90Buy mode/Decorative/Wall hangings8701711Base game

Happy Simming

Additional Credits:
Ea for the Sims 2 and Sims 4 game SimPE Milkshape