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"Old School" Bathroom Set - with toddler toilet and sink

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Uploaded: 16th May 2021 at 7:23 PM
I was building a primary school and thought potty chairs would look out of place for the preschoolers' toilets, so I needed some more appropriate equipment. The result is a small bathroom set for schools, daycares and any public buildings that welcome children!

This set includes:

- A double sink with a large basin and two functional taps (middle tap is only decorative). This sink is actually made of two separate objects in game: the actual sink with a functional tap on the left, and a separate tap that should be placed on the right (no moveobjects needed). The tap is repositoried and pulls its textures from the main sink mesh.

- A small sink that can be used by toddlers. This object is cloned from Rebecah's toddler sink, which I edited to remove the ever-flowing water surface, and added an actual waterstream effect while in use. The mesh has two taps but it can only be used by one toddler at once, and they will always use the one on the left. Repositoried to the full-sized sink as well.

- A small toilet for toddlers. It works like a potty chair, but doesn't need to be emptied: instead it must be flushed by an adult after use like a regular toilet (but toddlers can't flush it themselves).

- A wall-mounted soap bar as deco. Inspired by the iconic yellow soap we used to have at school when I was a kid. Even though I've only even see the yellow version IRL, this one comes in 4 mediterranean "scents" (recolours): lemon (default), olive, lavender, and almond.

The sink and toilet have two recolorable subsets: the porcelain and fixtures. The default texture is a shiny metal, and I made a darker worn metal recolour.

I learned so much doing this! not a massive set but it required me to finally sit down and learn some SimAntics basics. A lot of head scratching went into figuring the BHAVs out and adding slots without crashing my game... I got some unexpected results in the process too

Polygon counts

The Porcelain Potty Chair - 1148 polys/844 vertices
"Old School" Double Sink - 1368 polys/1203 vertices
"Old School" Tap - 184 polys/176 vertices
"Old School" Toddler Sink - 1146 polys/1093 vertices
"Old School" Soap Bar - 206 polys/183 vertices

SimPE, UV Mapper, GIMP, Wings3D
Toddler sink cloned from the Toddler country sink by Rebecah
Cluedo metal textures by shastakiss
this set wouldn't exist wihout the modding resources and tutorials here at MTS, thanks in particular to Echo, Numenor, AdidasSG2, HugeLunatic and atavera