Maple Creek Church - No CC

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Uploaded: 17th May 2021 at 4:46 PM
Hi Simmers! Here is another addition to my Maple Creek Subhood located here (commmunity lots), here
(starter homes), here (more community
lots), and here (even more community lots)!

This lot is a simple community church with a graveyard in the back. I used
sculptures as placeholders for the graves, so feel free to remove them
and place your own gravestones there instead.

There isn’t really anything to do on this lot, it didn’t seem
appropriate to put a pool table in a church . However, you can
still send your sims there to meet new people or to bury their dead

If you add a wedding arch, it would also make a great traditional wedding venue! The possibilities are endless.

There is no CC in this lot, but I did use iCad’s skyboxes for pictures.

I hope you guys enjoy! Leave me a comment if you like it and be sure to check out my other lots