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5 Warm Pastel Wallpapers - Perfect for a Kid's Room

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Uploaded: 26th May 2021 at 4:22 PM
Updated: 31st May 2021 at 8:33 PM
These wallpapers are from Milton & King.

Pocohontas in both light and dark versions:
About the design:
"Bold geometric wall décor is in and so is Boho Chic. What better way to combine the two leading trends than using this memorable chevron wallpaper. Its subtle vintage Colors inspire the feeling of cruiser times. Perfect for a kids room or a nursery they can grow with. Simply switch out the furniture for something more age specific."

Pastelangles - which works nicely on 2-Story walls:
About the design:
"The Pastelangles wallpaper design features adorable pastel colors - mint green and peach are just a few of the cotton candy colors embraced by this design. The geometric shapes make for a modern wallpaper design that is the perfect addition to any child’s room. A soft color palette creates a calming element that won’t overstimulate your children or visitors."

Candy Spots - which works nicely on 2-Story walls:
About the design:
"Decorating your baby’s nursery can be a powerful way of starting to bond with your unborn baby. This gorgeous pastel polka dot wallpaper is the perfect way to create a beautiful, personalised room for your new arrival when nesting kicks in! Soft and sweet, this wallpaper will be perfect for a nursery."

Polkadot Dreams:
About the design:
"Polkadot Dream features a variety of Colors and textured looks in a polka dot style. Each polka dot contains a separate Color and pattern, yet they all coordinate exceptionally well to give your room a unique transformation from a dull, boring room to a lively room that explodes with Color and class."

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