16 Textured Wallpapers ~ 4 Styles with 4 Color Options Each

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2021 at 4:10 PM
All the wallpapers in this set are from Milton & King.
They are all found in Wallpaper for $3.
They all work well in 2-Story rooms.
All my walls are Mac friendly.

Layered Boho:
About the design:
"A designer wallpaper inspired by the elements typically seen in bohemian style spaces. A melting pot of Color, texture and pattern. Think soft, textured rugs, and textiles on nearly every surface. Jewel and earth tones that wrap you with visual warmth. Vines of green leaves that make you feel like you’re in nature. A style that blends into different cultures and different times. Bohemian spaces look lived in. They encourage lingering and lounging. Their design conjures feels of looseness, casualness, effortlessness. Boho is a style that begs you to go maximalist to the max. But it’s also a style that can be a little minimal, and subdued. It can tip its hat to other eras, blend with other styles, or contrast a little, too. However you design to go boho… chances are your space will look and feel relaxing with the addition of this beautiful boho wallpaper. Available in 4 stunning Colorways, this design is perfect for both residential or commercial spaces."

About the design:
"Ikat Wallpaper was formed using a handmade stencil that was printed on leather using wax. The cracked wax formed a very informal resistance on the soft touch of the leather surface leaving a somewhat formal, elegant pattern with an aged and weathered finish. It is a great small-scale pattern that works well for bohemian interiors that like to mix and match patterns."

Herringbone Wallpaper:
About the design:
"Herringbone Wallpaper combines a striking Color palette with seductive geometric to create a pattern that is sumptuously textured and distinctly luxurious. Available in 4 gorgeous Color ways, create an interior that is on trend and personal."

Empire Weave:
About the design:
"A unique geometric wallpaper with a stunning Gray Color way as well as two blue versions and a bright a cheery green version. Perfect for a bathroom or powder room, this design will look amazing with some black taps and other bathroom hardware. Can you picture it? Sophisticated and intricate. Empire Weave is a bold contemporary geometric, with a striking Color palette that creates a wallpaper that is sumptuously textured and distinctly luxurious."

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