4 Animal Themed Print Wallpapers: Elephants, Caterpillars, Monkeys, and Dogs

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Uploaded: 26th May 2021 at 3:35 PM
Updated: 31st May 2021 at 8:34 PM
These wallpapers are from Milton & King.

About the design:
"A fresh motif wallpaper created in collaboration with Llewellyn Mejia, a talented stylistic illustrator with an international portfolio. This fun wallpaper will add instant life and vibrancy to any interior. A lush exotic wallpaper created to let your design senses march with the splendid elephants among the vast and intricate wilderness of the amazon."

About the design:
"A lively botanical wallpaper of linear leaves, flowers, caterpillars and butterflies created in collaboration with Llewellyn Mejia. This fun wallpaper will add instant life to any interior. Imagine bringing the wonders of a lush green botanical garden to life inside! This lively and engaging design will transport you through the rabbit hole and your space into a tropical wonderland."

Monkey Palms:
About the design:
"This hand-painted kids wallpaper design [from Bethany Linz] consists of cheeky monkeys playfully swinging and running amongst tropical palm trees. A sweet designer wallpaper that would be equally at home in a tweens bedroom or nursery or the perfect wallpaper for a powder room or bathroom. The designs playful nature combined with its mature look and feel, gives this wallpaper a versatility and adaptability only harnessed by the most clever of interior concepts."

About the design:
"Doggies wallpaper is a tribute to our lovable, furry best friends. These pups are energetically chasing balls and socially sniffing each other. Some are not so social like the glamorous poodles that had just come from the groomers. So many breeds from Dalmatians and Dachshunds to Bull Terriers and Schnauzers, make this lovable dog wallpaper design a must have for dog lovers. It is suitable for everything from a kids room to a kitchen. Bethany Linz created this design by hand-painting the characters with Gouache and then hand-cutting and placing them into a fun, cheerful collage."

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