Car Woohoo Wants Limits

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Uploaded: 26th May 2021 at 7:56 PM
When you send sims on a date and there is a car on the lot, they always always always want to woohoo in the car, even if there is a perfectly good bed available. As far as I can tell, the only times people actually want to have sex in a car specifically is when a) they are teenagers trying to hide from their parents, b) they're college dorm-dwellers trying to avoid their roommates, or c) they're in public and the car is the most private location. In the Sims 2, teens can't roll woohoo wants of any description, and I don't think it's even possible to buy a car on a dorm lot. So, this hack makes it so that sims only roll car woohoo wants when they are on a community lot where there is a car. If you have enabled car woohoo wants for teens in your game, teens should be able to roll those wants on a home lot with a car.

Game Compatibility

May not work without Nightlife. I don't know if you get car woohoo wants at all if you just install the driveable cars without Nightlife mod.

Hack Compatibility

Should only conflict with other hacks that change when sims roll the car woohoo want. Only modifies BHAV 0x11FC in group 0x7F739728.