BurgerTime Diner

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2021 at 11:46 AM
This is a small diner I made, inspired by this <a href="https://modthesims.info/d/607196/the-burger-joint-no-cc.html">Burger Joint build by Astonneil</a>. I thought it was such a fun idea to have a cheeseburger-shaped restaurant. I gave mine a pretty different vibe from theirs, to go with the surroundings where I placed it in Strangerville. Kind of a retro 1950s-ish style. The menu is very basic - chips, fries, burgers, hot dogs, etc. I feel like it's a sort of run-down, inexpensive diner that is trying to stay afloat in a dying western town.

I recommend having the bb.moveobjects and bb.showhiddenobjects both on when you place the lot. I used some CC plants and some from the debug menu, but no other CC. Just a bit of landscaping which could be replaced with some base game cacti etc. if you don't like to download CC.