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Fifth Wheel 20' Campers

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Uploaded: 16th Aug 2021 at 8:38 AM


This check list that featured for both campers:
  • main room
  • kitchen with dining corner
  • bedroom for two sims. The Athrú has a double bed, The Tarlú has a bunk bed.
  • there is a bookcase, a shower and a dishwasher machine
  • there is no TV, no sink and no dresser however
  • both houses have been designed to make a tiny housing a feasible option for someone who may not be able to access a sleeping loft. Hence it has no sleeping loft.
  • there is a place for car outdoors (vehicle included) and grill area
  • no spawners
  • no outdoor lighting at all
  • smoke detector
  • no burglar alarm

There is no CC was used

General tips to place and use the lot:
  • Extract zip. file to your C:\Users\...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library folder
  • I made each camper in two lot sizes using this awesome tool. I could not find what to share and now share both. 10x10 size is very easy to navigate and turn in any direction but half of parking space is out of lot boundaries, 13x10 size covers full length of camper with car that might be better on uneven lot edges or adjust it to lots with odd width. 13x10 lot is perfect when placed on 15x10 size and still fits for starter family of one sim.
  • Both trailers worth starter family of one or two sims. But you may also use it as a student's private in University or a camper when buy it as second property.
  • This house is not good for sims with pets and toddlers.
  • I don't recommend you to replace or move any furnishing because some of it was placed on uneven floors without animations breaks or route fails. But no worries I did not use any tools like decorator best helper or stencil remover. You can do it for example when replace furnishing by more expensive with same size and function. Do it with sience in any case!
  • Better to rent theese trailers furnished. Otherwhise wheels will lose tires.
  • Few bugs has been noticed when playtest. Sims could go sometimes through the camper. In The Athrú they could show idle animation when walk through the open shutters that were actually made using diagonal doors. Car tires will clip through floor surface after you place the lot. You can drag it down using moveobjects cheat.
  • CFE cheat was used to split bedroom and main room in two. Although game recognize it as one. Tight main room makes two sims to pause their action or show sometimes route fail animation when together. Especially if one sim is sitting on dining chair and other decide to cook the meal. I use NRAAS Go here replacement to prevent routing errors and NRAAS Master Controller to reset sims when stuck. Was playtested with game version:

Regards. Vic ^_^

The Athrú 20' Camper

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Features: Starter house

Lot Size: 10x10
Lot Price (furnished): $15.754
Lot Price (unfurnished): $11.036
Lot Size: 13x10
Lot Price (furnished): $15.814
Lot Price (unfurnished): $11.096

The Tarlú 20' Camper

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Features: Starter house

Lot Size: 10x10
Lot Price (furnished): $15.854
Lot Price (unfurnished): $10.444
Lot Size: 13x10
Lot Price (furnished): $15.905
Lot Price (unfurnished): $10.504

Additional Credits:
MTS staff