[UPDATE: 27/08/2021] Developed Pectoral Muscles Morph for Male Nude Top (Part 2) - Necklaces

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Uploaded: 25th Aug 2021 at 6:29 PM
Updated: 30th Dec 2021 at 8:27 PM
Click here for Part 1 of Developed Pectoral Muscles Morph...

Click here for Part 3 of Developed Pectoral Muscles Morph...

Click here for Part 4 of Developed Pectoral Muscles Morph...

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[UPDATE: 27/08/2021] Default Replacement Versions have been uploaded!

Hi Everyone! Yes, I'm sorta back. I hope everyone's doing well and staying safe considering, well, everything that's happening in the World nowadays.

Now I know most of you are used to seeing me upload SC4 terrains for the Sims 2, but after purchasing a new laptop for university work - since my old laptop couldn't handle any 3D rendering programs, I had to move on from the Sims 2, as it was graphically unstable on the newer machine. Fortunately, I found 'solace' in the Sims 3, which is the next best alternative to what I want in a Sims game - considering the current state of the current installment at this time, so, here goes...

My first upload for the Sims 3!

A male nude top with necklaces and developed pectoral muscles, available for male Young Adults and Adults, under Athletic, Swimwear, Sleepwear, Career.

This is actually based on alex_stanton1983's original male nude top (no necklaces) mesh morph so please check it out and download it, available at TSR:

For the developed pecs morph without necklaces, both default-replacement and re-categorized, non-default-replacement versions, please check out this upload:


I wish he was still active but his last post was in 2011 according to his profile, so I hope he doesn't mind me using his mesh morph as reference. Credit goes to him.

I was glad to find his work because it's exactly what I wanted, but sadly, he only worked on the male nude top without the accessories. These simply use the same mesh from his male nude top and applied to the ones with necklaces, for the sake of variety.

CASTable and BG compatible.

This was done in TSRWorkshop.

Polygon count:

LOD1 (High): 1656 vertices and 929 faces
LOD2 (Medium): 984 vertices and 483 faces
LOD3 (Low): 537 vertices and 214 faces

Tutorial on how to check poly-count in TSRW, for reference: https://sims3tutorialhub.tumblr.com/post/164780783741/tutorial-checking-the-polygon-counts-of-sims-3

I have tested it in my game and it seems to work fine for now. However, please feel free to test it out in yours and provide any feedback. Kindly note I'm not an expert in meshing/morphing.

alex_stanton1983's for his original morph at TSR
TSR for TSRWorkshop

And last but not least, enjoy! Share with permission first! And credits too! Feel free to give me feedback in the proper section, for any feedback is appreciated!