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Restocking For Mannequins FIX

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2021 at 6:33 PM
So Get To Work released 6 years ago, the item restock had always been bugged.3 years ago EA fixed the issue for items, but they forgot to do the same for mannequins.I discovered the bug on January, and I created a thread on the bug forum.
After scrolling through the xml, I discovered the line that's cause the issue. After the payment, there's a code that destine the payment back to business. The original coder probably misunderstood the restocking payment to the buying buying payment. I simply delete the line, and the issue is fixed. I also add the test for retailPerks_DecreaseRestocking_Temporary because somehow there's none.
It bugged me how simple this is beside the figure out which line is wrong part, yet EA has refused to fix/ignored this bug for 6 years... To the point that the customer have to learn to mod and fix it for them.