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Obsolete: Fish Freshness Fix

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2014 at 9:29 PM
Updated: 5th Aug 2015 at 12:23 AM
Update 2015-04-04: As of 1.5.139 the fishbowls now finally know what a fish is by default. Which means this is obsolete for post-1.5.139 games.


This is a fix for the ultra-fast decay of fish freshness. Apparently EA simply forgot to inform their fridges and other inventories of the fact that fish are also something to be kept fresh (just like other food). Fix may become obsolete when/if they get around to fixing it themselves (they're aware).

I made it so that fish in bowls do not decay at all, fish in fridges at a rate that I think is reasonable, and fish in sim inventories at twice the fridge rate. See the screenshots for what that means in in-game time (they're all from the same test game): Saturday 11PM is when the last fish is caught (all three are "Great" at that point), the ones in the fridge are still "Good" the next evening, the inventory fish is at "Average".

Note that fish freshness when cought has a random variation (anything between "Average" and "Excellent" is possible) and these are all ranges, not fixed values. Raw fish will still decay faster than prepared food; this is on purpose since I think this is what's realistic.

Default override, XML tuning only.


2015-04-04 – Obsolete for 1.5.139 and should no longer be used.
2015-01-14 – No update needed for (files match).
2014-12-16 – Partly obsolete with 1.3.18 (see above).
2014-11-12 – No update needed for (files match).
2014-10-22 – No update needed for 1.0.797.20 (files match).
2014-10-03 – Checked for differences in 1.0.732.20, I don't see any significant changes.

Please make sure that your game is patched to at least 1.0.677.20, otherwise it won't know what to do with this.

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