Candybay - A Sweet Marine Hood with so much Habitable Beaches

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Uploaded 11th Dec 2021 at 11:04 PM

Hello friends, I am very sugary and the season of sweet punch has arrived, a bay with a sweet island in the middle there is, even in Mexico there are days when a piñata full of candies traditionally is breaked for a blind hen, to evoke plentiful abundance, it occurred to me to make this map generously plenty of beaches and roads if this does not make you cloying, you are worthy of Christmas Eve with the sweet pine nut, what a binge!

Without further addon...

► Map type: Coast
► Landscaping: Bay with an isle
► City Mapping: Center and coastal
► Playability: Visible area with default camera.
► Map geography: 60% Earthy and 40% Water.
► Ground level: Sea level Flat.
► Neighborhood size: Large
► Habitable zonning: Flattened.
► Town growth: Uptown or downtown.
► Roads extension: Extense
► Terrain covered by roads: 35%.
► Functionality: All kind of hood or subhood type. Especially for downtown , land and vacation on every terraintype.

MYeah and i have now my own neigborhood camera, if you like this ,feel free to ask
to upload thst... tanks for download and enjoy!