Harder Cooking & Soft Fire (TS3SU)

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Uploaded 25th May 2022 at 1:50 PM

Cooking is rather difficult when you're a beginner.
Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get a dish right,
even though you've cooked other dishes before and succeeded.

This mod is meant to make the cooking skill harder.
It places more emphasis on gaining skill cooking individual dishes,
and greatly lowers your base chance of success.
Now, what your sim chooses to cook regularly will matter more.

In addition, there is a "soft" fire package that burns quicker,
but doesn't burn for a very long time like other fire mods.
This package is optional, but I suggest giving it a try,
because you should see more fires with the cooking package.

As always, I'd love to know your thoughts on tuning,
and how these packages work for you. Please let me know.

05/21/2022 - Initial Release


With the cooking package,
your sims' chance of failure (especially at low level) is a lot higher,
but it drops quicker to reward you better for working at it.
That said, it's still 2% more than EA's tuning at level 10.

Your reward for cooking the same meal is the same as EA's tuning.
But, with the changes I've made, practice is the best way to better meals.

Also, the thresholds for completing challenges are higher,
with the exception of Menu Maven, which depends on recipe number.

Note about Menu Maven:
If you have a cooking mod that adds recipes, this might not be reflected
due to this mod overwriting that mod's XML. This would be a conflict.
If you have this issue, let me know. I will make a compatibility flavour.

Changes in detail:

With the fire package,
your sims' belongings will burn quicker, and fire will prefer them.
The fire will also spread twice as fast than with EA values.

However, individual fires exhaust themselves and go out faster.
Unlike other fire mods, fire events won't go on forever and ever anymore.
And, sims (especially Daredevils) will come from farther away to fight it.

Changes in detail:


This mod was made entirely with the help of this tutorial:


There is only one XML resource for fire and cooking, respectively:
Cooking 0xdfd048952e802db0 and "Fire" 0xb73edc8f7fdd4866
This means that any other mods that tune the cooking and fires are not compatible.


I subscribe to cathedral modding, not parlor modding:

So, you may archive and reupload this mod elsewhere for use of simmers in the future.
You may update or fix this mod and upload your work if the game (ever) is updated.
You may edit this mod and upload your work without credit (the XML is not mine).