Food and Cooking Tweaks (Testers Needed) NEW UPDATE fixed files

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Uploaded: 15th Nov 2014 at 12:11 PM
Updated: 7th Aug 2017 at 8:27 AM - UPDATE. Added a requested flavor.
Please download the fixed versions. The ones that aren't marked as 'fixed' are fine.

Flavors Update

I was digging around in this xml and found a lot of things I really wanted to tweak, such as how long it takes to cook a single and group meal (I halved these values), the percent chance that sims will clean up after themselves after they eat (regardless of if they are neat or sloppy sims). The default percentage is 50% and I changed this to 100% for example. Here is a complete list of changes, also this xml is easily tweakable in S3PE however I will gladly make flavors by request. Just tell me what you want the values changed to such as how many group meals you want, percent chance that sims will clean up, and/or if you want them to cook faster or slower.

Complete list of changes:

Servings Per group meal default: 8. This is changed to 4. I made this mod originally because I would always have way more leftovers in the fridge than sims would eat, and I tend to play small families. I wanted to keep cooking meals and not eat 2 full group servings (which adds up to 16 meals) until everything spoils. So this is helpful if you play smaller families and want to keep cooking. I thought of this because in TS4 they gave us an option whether to cook 4 meals or 8 meals, and that was really helpful, so I didn't have the same problem that I have in ts3.

Number of servings left when plate is half eaten: default 4, changed to 2. This is for half eaten plate consistency with the original group meal tuning edit.

The base time it takes to cook a single serving of food: The default is 10, I changed it to 5 sim minutes.

The base time it takes to cook a group serving, default is 25 and I changed this to 15 sim minutes. I would like someone to test this more extensively if you can and report back if it's working the way it should.

Chance that sims would clean up after themselves, the default is 50 and I changed this to 100 percent. Another annoyance is gone! I always hated how they wouldn't always clean up..

The XML edited is S3_0333406C_00000000_A1104C038B529738_Food_0xa1104c038b529738%%+_XML

Please post any feedback and comments, everything is greatly appreciated. Have fun with this and don't forget to request flavors!

Additional Credits:
Arsil for pointing me to this xml! Would not be possible without you. S3PE Recommended Mods:
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