Two Half Acres Cabin 3BR - 2Bth

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This is a small cabin for a family with a couple of small acres, for out of town living or vacation retreat, this home is almost identical to one that I built a few years ago but that unfortunately burned down along with that PC and the game then, this version is more stylized and with a proportional and flanked roofs.

A Story: Three years ago Tina wanted a brother to play and joke and not to be alone anymore, but her parents are crazy about the excursion and Trisha didn't want to waste precious years on a pregnancy and enough rising for their only daughter, but a good day the Traveller's in one of their annuities in Three Lakes, they adopted Bigfoot, Tummy, tired of the fluffy bears that compete for a good fish or the adorable penguins that steal his glory, felt grateful and was like a tantrum and gluttonous child, but very affectionate and homely.

Data sheets:
Lot Size: 20x20
Amenities: Fireplace; Porch
Arquitecture: Campaign hut
Basement: None
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Design: Modern Piece
Foundation: Yes
Garage: None, but have space
Gardening: Sparse
Home type: Cabin/Retreat
Style: Midcentury Attic
Ground : 2 Storey