Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

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Uploaded: 19th Jun 2022 at 1:08 AM
Updated: 24th Jun 2022 at 10:27 PM
Before we talk about the mod, I want to give massive thanks to MissPat for helping me test the mod so many times as well as giving me ideas and feedback for it!

It's almost Summertime so let there be more fun activities outside for the little ones!

Mod Info

- This mod was built and tested with game version 1.69, but should work with other versions.
- What type of mod is this? - This a Tuning mod, as well as an Override but it can go in the packages folder.
- What's this mod about? - This is a mod that allows toddlers to jump on trampolines, play on spring riders and slides, practice soccer and have pic-nics.
- Animations - All new animations.

Ambitions is required for the trampoline interaction, as well as Seasons for soccer. Either Generations or Seasons is required for the spring rider.

Interaction Info

Toddlers are not required to know how to walk to use any of the interactions. They will also autonomously interact with all of the new activities, and can gain relationship points with other Sims or toddlers if they jump together on a trampoline or chat at a pic-nic blanket.

- When toddlers first start jumping on a trampoline they will have basic jumps, and can sometimes end up falling down when getting off. As they gain skill points, they can start doing more little moves, as well as jumping off the trampoline (instead of walking off).
- Toddlers who don't know how to talk won't be able to socialize with other Sims when performing the "Chat" interaction on the pic-nic.
- Toddlers can only practice soccer by themselves (as the join interaction currently doesn't work).

Conflicts & Known Issues

- Toddlers also have the interaction to play on the Jungle Gym Tower, but they will just perform a missing animation (no stretch though).
- Sometimes when a toddler gets up on a spring rider from the left side (front facing) they will perform the wrong animation, but this is corrected after the start animation finishes.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that modifies the following ITUN & Jazz Script files:

ingame\objects\playground ride\playgroundride.jazz

-Please do not re-upload my mod to paysites or claim it as your own!
-Enjoy and Happy Simming!