Teens/Children Can Mess With Curfew

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2022 at 5:37 PM
Now that Highschool Years has been released, I've been using a lot parenthood and stuff. I knew that parents could like alter curfews but I wanted my teen to be able to secretly changed the curfew to their liking, and be punished by their parent.

Parenthood + XML Injector


Your teens/children will now be able to alter curfew, the same way as parents with their own pie menu.They will not be able to remove it! Only change it. Parents aren't blind and can see when their bulletin board curfew clock is off. 

HOWEVER, your teens/children can get caught while doing that. Both the adult (parent, grandparent, uncle, care dependent) will get a buff. Moreover, the child/teen will not be able to mess with the curfew until the buff is gone.
Moreover, the teen/child will be able to get punish or grounded.

Furthermore, siblings/friends will have 3 new interactions toward the sim who messed with curfew:

- If the sims are best friends, friends or good friends, another child/teen can "Congratulate for bravery on messing with curfew" (Friendly category) with some random notifications.

- If the sims disliked, another child/teen can "Threaten to Tell about Messing with Curfew" (Mean category) with some random notifications.
This interaction works like the "Insult" one. Meaning that your teens/children will be able to get scold by their parents or others for being mean.

- "Boast about messing around with curfew" (Friendly category)

Those interactions aren't permanent. They will disappear after some time, until the child mess around again.
Proper and Good sims will get an embarassed buff and will not be able to mess with the curfew until the buff is gone.

Available Languages: English

Special Thanks
- Sims4Studio because they created S4S and I used it to create the mod.
- Lot51, Lumpinou for their help on some questions I had.