Half-Height Recolours for Catherine TCJD's Wallpaper Overlays

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2022 at 2:12 PM
Updated: 13th Nov 2022 at 1:18 AM

These are half-height add-on tiles for CatherineTCJD's Wallpaper Overlays. These are the same colours I already did at shower-height minus the ones already done by CatherineTCJD.

Mesh NOT included, get the mesh and the other half-height tile recolours HERE!
These recolours are for the "INside" Edition.

As a base I used tiled walls from the Base Game, from Expansion and Stuff Packs, and from Argon's Life Stories Build Bundle. I also used certain tile and stone floors as a base. Files labelled "Floor" are taken from tile flooring, files labelled "FloorwStone" are taken from stone flooring. That should make it easier to find the corresponding floors in the catalogue.
I also used the BG Coloratura shower textures and this recolour as a base. If anyone wants those Coloratura tiles and all those floors made into actual wall coverings, I uploaded them separately here.

I compressorized the files and named them so that they get ordered by tile size if you plop them all in the same folder. Additionally, I put them in subfolders according to EP/SP. This was to make it easier to find a specific file using the swatches. There are 102 recolours after all, so you might want to delete of some of them. I included swatches in the download to make that easier. I ordered them by EP/SP by looking at which flooring was in the premade Maxis collections. So I'm not sure that my labelling is 100% correct.
That means if you leave the recolours in their subfolders, they will be sorted by EP/SP first and then by tile size in the game. If you plop all recolours in the same folder, they will be sorted only by tile size in the game.

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