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No Free Snacks

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2022 at 8:13 PM
Updated: 11th Sep 2023 at 8:51 PM
Short version
Quick Meals are no longer free, coolers now have lactose free options, the Acai Bowl no longer requires Cooking skill level 2, there's an optional file to enable seeing the price of Toddler food when using the Grab Food/Drink For... interactions.

Long version
Based on the mod originally by newtoongamer, this mod adds a small fee to (most of) the Quick Meal options available in the game found on fridges, microwaves, campfires, and coolers. I was a fan of the original and have been using my own version for a few years now. I don't like that Quick Meals are free since it's so easy for Sims to accumulate wealth already.
I have chosen not to add a cost to water in most cases though because it looks to be basic tap water and Sims already pay for water in their bills.

Since Toddler foods now cost a small amount to buy with this mod, I have included an optional file in the MMnoFreeSnacks.zip called MMtoddlerFoodPickerPriceEnabler which adds the price column to the food and drink pickers when using the Grab Food For... and Grab Drink For... interactions so that you can see how much you will be charged for each option before purchase.

In addition to adding a cost to Quick Meals, if you own any pack that includes a Cooler object, such as Outdoor Retreat or Toddler Stuff, I've also included an optional file that will add two Lactose Free options seeing as there are none in the vanilla game. Do Lactose Intolerant Sims not like to go camping?
You can find this file in the seperate MMLactoseFreeCoolerSnacks.zip which will add lactose free cereal and lactose free yogurt.
You will need Cottage Living for these recipes to show in the pie menu correctly, otherwise they will be blank.

I have only been able to make these changes to Quick Meal options from the packs that I own, so if Werewolves or Horse Ranch have added any then they aren't currently included.
That being said, the recipes that are included have been seperated by Expansion into their own .package files. Please only use the packages for the packs that you have installed otherwise your Quick Meal menus will be flooded with blank pie menu options.

The option to Roast Marshmallows on campfires is the only snack option that overrides the interaction, rather than the recipe, as roasting marshmallows doesn't technically create an edible object and instead just plays an animation. This means that your Sim will be charged once each time you select the interaction but they can eat as many marshmallows as they like until either they stop on their own or you cancel the action.

This mod also includes a fix for the Acai Bowl from HSY which was only available to Sims once they had reached Cooking skill level 2 for some reason. It will now be available no matter your Sims' culinary abilities.

Under the spoiler is a complete list of all Quick Meals overriden by this mod.

If you aren't happy with the simoleon values I've chosen, you can open the files with Sims4Studio and edit them to your preference. Simply select the recipe you want to change the price for and then search for the section of code below and change the flat fee value (#) to what you want the cost to be.
V (t="flat_fee" n="crafting_cost")
(T n="flat_fee")#(/T)

Thanks to Lepa over on Discord for helping with testing.

10/9/23 Updated to include all Lunchbox food and drink options from the August 2023 SDX
29/8/23 Updated for code changes to recipe tuning
24/8/23 Updated to add the Growing Together power-sip drink
19/3/23 Updated for the Infants 1.96 patch

This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters the specific Quick Meal foods included here and the Roast Marshmallows campfire interaction. Mods such as SCCO and other cooking system overhauls will also probably conflict.
Lunchbox recipes specifically will conflict with LunchBOXES Overhaul by BrickLion