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Non-Proliferating Wild Bamboo Texture Fix

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Uploaded: 17th Jun 2018 at 12:12 AM
This is a simple override for the 'light' texture for the basegame Non-Proliferating Wild Bamboo.

If your graphics card uses pixel shaders in-game then you will notice that the light colour option of this plant looks odd.

This mod overrides the TXMT resource for this colour option so that it displays correctly when using shaders.

If you have pixel shaders turned off in-game, or your graphics card is not capable of using pixel shaders, then this mod will have no effect for you, as your game is not displaying the broken part of the texture. Having this mod in-game without pixel shaders will not harm your game but you will notice no texture difference.

This mod is compatible with all game versions and will only clash with other mods which alter the material definition of that particular texture. Any custom recolours of that plant, or objects which use the plant's texture, should work okay.

Additional Credits:
@Numenor for a conversation we had about 10 years ago about this.

@Quaxi and everyone who contributed to SimPE