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New Magnolia Promenade - a Recreation from The Sims 4

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Created by ykg
Uploaded: 12th Mar 2024 at 7:53 PM
Here we go again - this time I've recreated Magnolia Promenade, a world from The Sims 4: Get To Work. Since it includes just 4 lots in the original version, I've expanded it to also feature decorative parts of it as playable residential and community lots, as well as Civic Center, which is a hidden subhood containing Willow Creek Hospital and Police Station. The recreation is CC free.

There are 4 different versions of this neighbourhood. Because the original has no sims at all, I've made a version that also doesn't have any. The other one has 14 townies taken from the offical Maxis gallery page, that were featured in the trailers. Both of these are avaidable as a primary hood and as a shopping district.

The neighbourhood IDs are N144 (primary hood) and B144 (shopping district). The camera mod is not required, but highly recommended. It was made using the Ultimate Collection, so probably required for the neighbourhood to work properly. The terrain is custom and made by me .

Adding any subhood to an existing neighbourhood unfortunately randomises names of all townies. If you wish for them to have their intended names, I've included a picture with them so you can change it more easily.

There are no playable households, 32 lots and, depending on the version, 0 or 14 sims (all of whom are townies).

I hope you'll enjoy New Magnolia Promenade! See you again soon :D!