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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - 4 Lots - NO CC

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2024 at 2:01 AM
Updated: 3rd May 2024 at 6:21 AM

Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall (Order of Merlin, First Class)

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find below an exhaustive list of all necessary technical details to enjoy these lots with your magically-inclined Sims.

We await your owl with any questions!

THESE LOTS ARE NOT FLAT (except for the Quidditch Pitch). The two castle lots and Hagrid’s Hut were designed to fit together as the mountainous grounds of Hogwarts, and should be placed adjacent to each other exactly as shown in the overhead image of all three, but they SHOULD NOT be placed directly adjacent to any other lots, as this could cause your neighborhood terrain to glitch and ‘tear.’

Screenshots are grouped by lot in the following order; Castle Great Hall, Castle Greenhouses, Hagrid’s Hut, and Quidditch Pitch.

The two castle lots are some of the largest creations I’ve made even beyond simply being 5x6, as both are over $1.5M and both will be very demanding to run, so be forewarned if you don’t have a powerful graphics card or gaming computer that you will almost certainly experience lag while playing. The Greenhouses castle lot exceeds the normal wall limit so any remodeling will need to be done with CC walls, and the Great Hall castle lot is very close to the limit, though some limited remodeling should still be possible. The Quidditch Pitch and Hagrid’s Hut lots are still 5x6 and thus large, but they aren’t outrageously decorated or built up, and should be able to run quicker even with a slower computer. (Just for fun, the total value of all 4 lots combined is $3,381,552)

Hogwarts Castle of course is filled with secret passageways and hidden doors, and this lot is no exception. While most of the castle is normally routeable in-game, the four House common rooms, the Room of Requirement, the Prefect’s Bathroom, and the secret passage between Slughorn’s Office and the Kitchens are all accessible only through the bookshelf door. The Chamber of Secrets will actually be normally routeable when first entering the lot, though the only door to it is concealed behind a mirror in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, which can be locked however you see fit and is completely hidden from the ‘public’ side of the mirror. Finally, the Headmistress’s Office is completely unrouteable, with the intention of only being accessible with magic (or move_objects on, I suppose! )

This is not meant to be Hogwarts at any particular time, and in fact there are a number of elements that would not have been present simultaneously in the stories we’re all familiar with, but I’ve tried to ensure that just about anything you could hope to find in Hogwarts is present on one of these lots! I referenced a number of 3D models and made a point of rewatching all 8 films and paying close attention to the castle itself, and most of it is about as good a match as I think is possible in TS2, with the exception of the far back right corner of the Greenhouses lot where the Ravenclaw common room is located. For some reason that part of the castle almost never actually appears clearly on screen, and changes significantly a number of times throughout the films when it does appear, so that part is the most my own creation, but I think it fits with the rest of the castle nicely. The only conspicuous absences I can think of are the defense challenges guarding the Philosopher’s Stone, other versions of the Room of Requirement besides the DA room, the Owlery, and the secret passages that lead out of the castle.

Some of the rooms and areas of the castle are obvious and I don’t think any additional explanation should be needed for spaces in Hagrid’s Hut or the Quidditch Pitch, but for anyone who’s curious, in the comments is a list of major rooms on each floor of the two castle lots (hallways, bathrooms and closets are not listed unless there’s something special about them)

The lots as uploaded are all zoned Residential to allow you the most flexibility in deciding how to use them, and have never been occupied by Sims. Any images that show active lot animations were taken on the clones used for playtesting. I did fairly extensive testing of the lots and to my very pleasant surprise, most Sim routing decisions were actually fairly logical, though you’ll still want to keep any eye on your Sims to make sure they don’t get lost on such big lots!

As with everything I’ve posted, no CC is required in order to use these lots in your game, so as long as you’ve got all the EPs and SPs and a sufficiently powerful computer, then you won’t need anything more. However, since there’s so much excellent custom content created for the Wizarding World, I imagine many of you will enjoy adding it to Hogwarts to up the immersion factor even higher! The bit of CC I would most recommend would be to find a more appropriate ‘open-beneath’ stone staircase for use in the two grand staircase towers, as the modern stairs currently included are probably the bit I’m least pleased with in this entire project... oh well!

That’s all the technical information I think should be necessary, but feel free to read on for a series of vignettes of Headmistress Minerva McGonagall’s tenure at Hogwarts featuring some other familiar faces, if you’re interested!

-Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus-

May 2nd, 1998

As the sun continued to rise, Minerva McGonagall looked across the wreckage of the Great Hall and the survivors of the battle who were still gathered there. In all her years at Hogwarts Castle she had never thought to witness a scene like this morning. At some tables, families were still huddled together, grieving a parent or child who had fallen during the night, at another, friends were trying to comfort one another, a few trying to quietly make jokes or draw out a small smile, still others encouraging an injured partner to drink some water or to tend to an injury or curse.

Some of the survivors who couldn’t sit still any longer had already started to spread out throughout the castle and grounds, some walking alone, others keeping pace with small groups of friends. Neville Longbottom had left the hall with Professor Sprout, heading towards the greenhouses to see what could be recovered from the damage there, hoping to save some of the plants that might otherwise be lost. She had been pleased to see Hannah Abbott and a number of other students following him, and Luna Lovegood wandering dreamily along behind them as well. It was still too soon for a smile, there was still too much damage, too many losses, but she was proud to see Mister Longbottom already rebuilding, already leading his fellow students again, even if he hadn’t realized it yet.

More than just the greenhouses would need rebuilding though. Throughout the school, walls were crumbling and statues lay in rubble, some corridors made impassable by wreckage or the lingering effects of a curse. After an hour or so, Professor Flitwick had come back and reported that at some point during the battle, a powerful wayward curse had blasted apart the outer wall of Ravenclaw Tower and a sizable portion of the staircases in the common room, and the dormitories would be inaccessible until it was repaired. Anthony Goldstein and Penelope Clearwater had both overheard, and before Minerva even had a chance to suggest a temporary solution, the former prefects had started on a plan to clear a space for the Ravenclaws to sleep in the Library for a few nights if need be. Minerva once again felt surge of pride in the students of Hogwarts.

There was still so much to do, too many places where she thought she might be needed; helping Kingsley Shacklebolt organize what remained of the Ministry across the country, assisting Madam Pomfrey in treating students injured during the defense of the castle, aiding Professor Flitwick in repairing the castle itself. The sheer weight of it still threatened to overwhelm her as the day progressed, and the defenders of Hogwarts came and went from the Great Hall until it all became a blur, so much so that at first she didn’t register Miss Lovegood at her elbow. “Professor McGonagall?” repeated Luna, obviously not for the first time. “I made some tea, since you needed some,” she said matter-of-factly, pushing a steaming mug into Minerva’s hands. “Things will get better now Professor. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is gone, and we’re already fixing Hogwarts, and we don’t have to be afraid of the Carrows or the other Death Eaters anymore. We’re all still here.” Minerva sipped at her tea, feeling the warmth spread through her body as Luna drifted away, and felt herself genuinely smile for the first time that day. Luna was right, she found herself realizing. There might still be a tremendous amount of work to do, but eventually, all would be well.

July 30th, 2005

“Mister Longbottom, thank you for being willing to come visit me, do please come in,” Minerva said. She couldn’t help but see traces of the round-faced boy who had once utterly failed to Transfigure a match into a needle in his first class with her so many years ago, but she reminded herself that the young man standing before her had stood toe to toe against Death Eaters and worse, on more than one occasion.

“Happy birthday Mister Longbottom,” Minerva said with a smile as Neville sat in front of the Headmistress’s desk. Neville grinned in reply. “Thank you Professor.” Minerva shuffled several sheets of parchment that lay atop her desk. “Mister Longbottom, I must say I’m very impressed by your work as an Auror. Minister Shacklebolt in particular has written a positively glowing review for you several years in a row now, yet I understand you’ve been looking to leave the Auror office?” Neville fidgeted uncomfortably, once again briefly reminding Minerva of his younger self. “Yes, Professor McGonagall… it’s just, I know my work is important, but I’ve talked with Hannah about it and she agrees, it’s just not right for me anymore. Hermione is doing a fantastic job as Head of the Department now, and I… I just feel like it’s time for me to move on.”

“Well Mister Longbottom, as it so happens, I’m quite pleased to hear that,” Minerva said. “I’m sure you know Professor Sprout has begun to speak of retirement and she always said she’s seldom seen a wizard with a better aptitude for Herbology than you. I’d like to invite you to join the Herbology Department here at Hogwarts as a professor, if you’re interested in the position. Yes, you, Mister Longbottom, don’t look so astonished!” Neville had half-risen from his chair in surprise, and slowly lowered himself again as Minerva paused, waiting for him to sit before she continued. “I’m sure you and Mrs. Abbott will want to discuss this, but I do hope you’ll accept, because I actually have another request to make of you, if you do take the offer. I feel as Headmistress it is inappropriate for me to continue to serve as Head of Gryffindor House any longer, and I can think of no better successor for myself than you.” Minerva smiled again at Neville’s stunned expression, and glanced pointedly at glass case high on the office wall, where a magnificent silver sword encrusted with rubies sparkled in the morning light.

November 16th, 2012

A wave of laughter rose from the Hufflepuff stands, and Minerva had to suppress a chuckle herself. A Ravenclaw Chaser had been bearing down on the hoops with the Quaffle and Teddy Lupin had been out of the usual Keeper position, but rather than losing his composure trying to rush back into position, his hair had suddenly begun flashing through a dizzying array of colors and outrageous styles that distracted the Ravenclaw player enough for a Hufflepuff Chaser to steal back the Quaffle. It was an unorthodox strategy, but Hufflepuff Quidditch matches had become something of a variety show with Mister Lupin’s antics on the pitch, and she had to admit that the boy’s efforts often proved surprisingly successful. Clearly, he had inherited both his mother’s and father’s mischievous streaks.

After a Hufflepuff goal by the Chaser who had stolen the Quaffle, they now led Ravenclaw 110 to 50, though the Snitch was remaining stubbornly elusive. Both Seekers had taken to circling the pitch high above the other players, and Minerva could tell some in the crowd were growing restless under the skies that had been threatening rain all morning. She couldn’t recall ever finding herself bored watching Quidditch, even if as Headmistress she had to keep from being too vocal in her support for Gryffindor when they played, but she understood why many students might have been growing eager for this game to take a more active turn.

After a particularly forceful series of Bludger attacks by Ravenclaw, the Hufflepuff Chasers lost control of the Quaffle, but before Ravenclaw could press their advantage, two brightly-colored blurs flashed out of the sky, one blue, the other yellow. Both Seekers had suddenly gone into steep dives and were now streaking right towards the stands. Students and professors alike threw themselves out of the way, and Minerva saw Horace Slughorn trip over his seat scrambling to avoid the players, spilling some sort of bright purple drink all over his robes. As he spluttered and tried to dry himself, Minerva and most of the audience spun to watch the seekers dramatic pursuit, but it was already over. The Hufflepuff seeker had her hand raised in triumph, a glint of gold visible through her fingers.

The crowd cheered as they realized what had happened, and all the other yellow-clad players were streaking towards the center of the pitch to celebrate their victory. Teddy Lupin was easily identifiable, his hair now back to its usual shade of turquoise, and as he joined the team in celebration one of the Beaters clapped him on the back. The crowd gasped and for a moment Minerva felt a surge of panic as it appeared that Teddy had accidentally been knocked from his broom, but the boy just rolled over twice in midair and then stopped with a flourish, a ridiculous grin plastered across his face. Minerva smiled despite herself- yes, Mister Lupin had most certainly inherited the mischievous streaks of both of his parents!

September 1st, 2017

Hagrid had just left the Headmistress’s office, heading down to Hogsmeade Station to meet the Hogwarts Express as it arrived, and guide the first-years to the boats. Even at 89 years old, his massive beard now streaked through with gray, he still couldn’t ever contain his excitement at meeting the new students each year, and she could hardly blame him- after all, despite having served as Headmistress for 19 years now, she still took pride in welcoming the students and professors at the start of term each September, and in calling the names for the Sorting ceremony.

As she reviewed her notes for the welcome speech, for a moment she felt as though she could hear a quiet old voice in her head say with a smile ‘Nitwit! Oddment! Blubber! Tweak!’ She had often found herself at odds with the old Headmaster, and more than once she’d found herself caught up in a shouting match with his portrait behind her desk, but Minerva had always known that his eccentricities were paired with a brilliant mind and a hope that things would turn out for the best. That portrait was empty now though, along with most of the others, with many of the former Headmasters and Headmistresses having visited portraits in other parts of the castle to watch the start-of-term festivities. Glancing at the clock, she made a few final alterations to her notes and waved her wand over the Sorting Hat, sending it down to the Great Hall far below, before departing the office herself to meet the newly arriving students.

Just like every year she could remember, the first-years trooping up the stairs were a mix of fearful energy and excitement, some students seemed to be trying to disappear into their robes, still too nervous at this point to feel excited by the surroundings, while others were clearly in awe of the castle and unable to help looking around. Among the new students, Minerva smiled to see the flaming red hair of yet another Weasley girl, and noted the pale blond hair and pointed face of a boy who could only be a Malfoy, but it was a skinny boy with messy black hair and striking green eyes midway back in the crowd that she felt her gaze linger on for a moment longer than usual. Aside from not wearing glasses, he did look so much like his father…

Minerva patiently waited as the students finally all came to a halt on the stairs before her, and after a moment, she smiled and announced, just as she had so many times before, “Welcome to Hogwarts!”