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Headless Sims!!!

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Uploaded: 28th Aug 2005 at 9:56 AM
Headless Sims!!!

Yes folks, there all 100% headless or your money back. Yet another Mod The Sims2 FIRST!
Why make headless sim genetics for all ages and genders? Because no one else has done it obviously. I mean, why would they? talk about a useless modification and expenditure of time... This may even beat out the official MTS2 nose hair collection! No, I'm definetly NOT going to make bodyless head genetics, don't even think about asking.

Contained in the rar file are the folowing goodies:
A 100% Headless Sims2 Skintone for all ages and genders.
A 'No Eyes' eye color.
A female all ages 'No Hair' hair style.
A male all ages 'No Hair' hair style.

Just extract the rar Archive to your Sims2 Downloads Folder to install.
Open BodyShop, make a sim (any sim), remove all makeups and face coverings, add the eye color, add the hair, and WHALA, you have a headless Sim.