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  • Glowing Sim Genetics

    by Bink13y 28th Apr 2006 at 7:29pm

    Glowing Sim Genetics Just what you've all been waiting for. painfully bright glowing skintone genetics! more...

    + 1 EPs/SPs 34 34.3k 28

    Sims » Sci-Fi » Female

  • Hideki from Chobits

    by Bink13y 21st Mar 2006 at 4:41am

    Name: Hideki Motosuwa Age: 18 Gender: Male IQ: low Chobits centers around the life of eighteen-year-old Hideki Motosuwa, a repeat more...

  • The Gub Jogasaki from Chobits

    by Bink13y 18th Mar 2006 at 8:20pm

    The Gub Jogasaki is a common style old efficency apartment complex in Tokyo with 7 apartmnts. more...

    + 3 EPs/SPs 5 14.1k 5

    Lots & Housing » Residential » Lots (over 20k)

  • Headless Sims!!!

    by Bink13y 28th Aug 2005 at 9:56am

    Headless Sims!!! Yes folks, there all 100% headless or your money back. Yet another Mod The Sims2 FIRST! more...

    51 62.4k 40

    Sims » Horror / Gothic

  • Bling Bling The Dealer

    by Bink13y 24th Aug 2005 at 10:18am

    Bling Bling The Dealer Introducing Bling Bling, Over 80% of his body is tattooed and what isen't is pierced more...

    20 18.4k 5

    Sims » Other » Male

  • Boobsie The Silicone Hooker

    by Bink13y 24th Aug 2005 at 3:53am

    Boobsie The Silicone Hooker Hopefully last in my short series of Sim City working girls is Boobsie The Silicone more...

    47 48.7k 12

    Sims » Other » Female

  • Roxie The Crack Ho

    by Bink13y 23rd Aug 2005 at 9:17pm

    Roxie The Crack Ho Yet another MTS2 FIRST! more...

    91 39.8k 6

    Sims » Other » Female

  • Trixie The Hooker

    by Bink13y 13th Aug 2005 at 7:04am

    While setting up some parody screenshots of the upcomming Night Life EP i needed a hooker character. more...

    44 55.1k 6

    Sims » Other » Female

  • Trashy The Clown

    by Bink13y 12th Aug 2005 at 11:30am

    Hurrayy it's Trashy the Transient Clown! more...

    35 37.3k 15

    Sims » Other » Male

  • Connie Conehead

    by Bink13y 11th Aug 2005 at 9:56am

    By the Great Moons of MeepZorp! more...

    18 19.4k 2

    Sims » Sci-Fi

  • The MTS2 Nose Hair Collection

    by Bink13y 24th Jul 2005 at 9:37am

    Theres a fine touch of realism missing from all your simming lives, you know somthing is wrong but you just more...

    55 32.3k 4

    Body Shop » Facial Hair

  • Ms Bones Skeleton (real skull)

    by Bink13y 24th Jul 2005 at 4:35am

    Did this as a request. more...

    80 87.7k 62

    Sims » Horror / Gothic


    by Bink13y 8th Jul 2005 at 5:58pm

    Ok, this is quite possibly the most useless Sims2 genetics modification in history. Total and compleet ingame invisibility. more...

    100 79.9k 60

    Sims » Sci-Fi

  • Roswell Type Alien

    by Bink13y 8th Jul 2005 at 3:56am

    Roswell Type Alien Had a request for the tall thin spindely type of alien genericaly associated with Roswell. more...

    20 31.8k 10

    Sims » Sci-Fi

  • Transparent Sim

    by Bink13y 8th Jul 2005 at 3:27am

    not quite invisible, but as transparent as a soap bubble. more...

    184 119.9k 96

    Sims » Sci-Fi

  • Bubba & Skeeter

    by Bink13y 22nd Jun 2005 at 2:29am

    -={The Icons of White Trashdome collection }=- two new additions to the Icons of WhiteTrasdom series, Bubba & Skeeter. more...

    24 16.4k 5

    Sims » Other » Groups

  • Joe Dirt

    by Bink13y 22nd Jun 2005 at 2:14am

    -={The Icons of White Trashdome collection }=- Joe Dirt: Presenting the next in what may be an endless series more...

    9 11.3k

    Sims » Other » Male

  • Joe McHaggis of Joe's Dinner

    by Bink13y 22nd Jun 2005 at 2:10am

    -={The Icons of White Trashdome collection }=- Joe McHaggis has 20 years of institutional cooking experance thanks to SimCity more...

    4 7.8k

    Sims » Other » Male

  • Randy Mc Acne

    by Bink13y 22nd Jun 2005 at 1:38am

    -={The Icons of White Trashdome collection }=- Randy Mc Acne, The Mc Minimum Wage Slave Another in the Icons more...

    16 20.6k 3

    Sims » Other » Male

  • Daisy May, Waitress as Joe's Diner

    by Bink13y 22nd Jun 2005 at 1:20am

    -={The Icons of White Trashdome collection }=- Daisy May, Waitress as Joe's Diner Daisy May Has Worked at Joe's more...

    13 14.1k 4

    Sims » Other » Female