*Updated* Testers Required- Alien Conspiracy career

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Uploaded 18th Sep 2005 at 12:34 AM · Updated 6th Jun 2006 at 3:25 PM by SuperFly : Updated Category

A little history: This career was an orphaned project left by bidou, creator of the career editor plugin, which I used to create this career. If you're reading this bidou- thanks a lot

The descriptions and basic information was put in by bidou- I added the chance card, made it EP1 ready and sorted out its GUID.

A little research into the Nighlife object files shows that custom careers compatible with University are also compatible with Nighlife, so this career, as well as any other Uni-ready career, are safe to use.

This is the Alien Conspiracy career. The levels are-

Amateur Astronomer
Alien Cult Member
Astronomer Minder

Astronomer Minder
Top Secret Guard
Junior Field Officer
Undercover Llama
Senior Field Officer
Alien Technology Researcher
Sim in Black
Agency Chief
Ambassador to the Outer Worlds


EP 2 ready (using P00jkins tutorial and files)
All chance cards completed
Own carpools and uniforms
Based on the law enforcement career
Teen career has arrived! Enjoy!
Own icon
Unique guids, so it won't overwrite any careers

Any feedback about glitches, grammar, etc, would be appreciated.

Update (21st September '05- New teen career added)
Minor Update- A small change has been made to the first chance card, suggested by bidou

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