Foxtail - *updated*

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2005 at 11:04 PM
Updated: 13th May 2010 at 6:42 PM by CatOfEvilGenius
Back in Sims 1 I had lots of sims that looked like foxes or other animals. I have found several furry skins for the sims 2 but no tails i liked. So i started to create my own. I have created one version with ears and one without.

These foxtails show up as accesories for all ages (toddler to elder) and in both genders. Yes, that's right, they show up for toddlers too and it works fine in my game. They stay on with all outfits, including work outfits and pregnancy clothing and they can be combined with other accesories and glasses.

My foxtail should work with or without any expansion packs. but since i have University and Nightlife installed, i obviously couldn't test it without EP's installed. If it doesn't work, please let me know.

You are free to recolour or redistribute my meshes. If you make recolours, you have to make sure your downloaders find this mesh. You can include it in your download or link back to this thread. Only conditions: i'd like some credit as creator of this mesh and this mesh should be free accesible for everyone (so don't offer it as pay or donation item)


*I finally managed to fix the glossyness problem (actually Simfull Serpent and Britva were the ones who found the solution, thanks again) So now the foxtail will look better. I had to fix the bodyshop package, not the mesh, so recolours made with the old version could still have the problem. Recolours made with the fixed foxtail should work fine.

*The more important update is related to the animal kingdom project I'm making right now. the animal kingdom project will be a collection of tail and ears meshes. You will be able to combine any tail and ear of this collection, or use only a tail or only ears. All ears and tails are for ages toddler to elder and both genders and will stay on your sims all the time, regardless what type of clothing they are wearing at the moment.

The foxtial mesh itself doesn't fit into the animal kingdom but it will stay here for those people who already downloaded it. The foxtail with just the tail (no ears) will be part of the animal kingdom. I'm adding foxears as well, which can be used seperately or combined with any tail in my animal kingdom project.

If you don't have the foxtail yet, it would be best to download the animal kingdom version. The main advantages are flexibility (you have more freedom to combine them with other tails ears) and more detailed looking foxears.

Happy simming

You can find the animal kingdom here on this site.

Click here for the animal kingdom