Tree Table: Part of The Autumn Wonderland Set

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Uploaded: 21st Oct 2005 at 11:46 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2018 at 3:40 PM
Hi Guys,

Would you test this for me please....?

Made with SimPE v0.50 (which works great!) and Milkshape, it has its own unique (registered) GUID, is compatable with ALL games and is colour enabled.

Polygon Count: 248 (= VERY low )

This is a table to match the tree stump seat!. It sits 8 sims.

OK, nothing special (again! :confused: ) but quite pretty for Thanksgiving/Seasonal parties and Autumn themed stories and all that...

Oh, and it looks really nice when used in conjuction with the JWoods Autumn Wonderland Donation Set....

As it's a table, it can be found in Surfaces/Miscellaneous in both Residential and Commercial

It comes with several recolours, with leaves & cloths. You can use it to place things on (well,'s just a table!), and you're Sims should eat off it too (no surprise there then!)

Oh, and if you visited the JWoods Autumn Wonderland Donation Set a few days ago and the donation link wasn't is now, so please consider making a donation...and you'll receive this set as a 'thank you' gift

Please report any issues...and thanks for testing..


LOTS: Please do not include this in any LOT uploads. It is here to raise awareness of the JWoods Autumn Wonderland Donation Set ....

Recolours: Please feel free to post recolours here at MTS2 or any site, especially if you think it will help to tell other people about the rest of this set ( The JWoods Autumn Wonderland Donation Set ).

(As with all of my items) please do NOT include my original mesh file in the recolours...please link back to it at this thread. .

Lastly, please do not clone or use on pay/subscription sites. Thanks

Oh....and dont forget to see the rest of the items in The JWoods Autumn Wonderland Donation Set ... (and please read the text on the webpage which explains what this set is for.)