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  • Bender from "Futurama" cartoon series - OFB REQUIRED!

    by Dynamic Duo 21st Apr 2006 at 11:31pm

    "Well I don't have anything else planned for today... ...LET'S GET DRUNK!!!" :beer: :Pint: :buddies: Heeeeeere it is! more...

    +1 packs 261 212.6k 95

    Sims » Anime, Comic & Gaming Characters » Male

  • Antennae (twitching & 'waterproof') 'Bella Moth' ..!

    by boblishman 9th Apr 2006 at 11:02pm

    Hi Guys presenting....... Meet Bella Moth (get it?) ....wearing the Family Antennea.... more...

  • The Llamaputer - *Working* English-Llamish translator *with custom sounds*!

    by Dynamic Duo 1st Apr 2006 at 5:35pm

    THE LLAMAPUTER Fully working English-to-Llamish Translator *with custom sounds* by Dynamic Duo (Numenor & Boblishman) more...

    142 144.8k 18

    Themed Sets » Llama Goodies

  • Buyable/sellable Llama backpack (requested by tig)

    by boblishman 31st Mar 2006 at 7:30pm

    As featured in the Crate o'Llamaness - we have a Llama backpack. more...

    28 75.1k 26

    Themed Sets » Llama Goodies

  • The Llamazing Garden Statue

    by Dynamic Duo 31st Mar 2006 at 2:06pm

    THE LLAMAZING GARDEN STATUE Multi-purpose outdoor decorative sculpture by Dynamic Duo (Numenor & Boblishman) more...

    60 100.4k 50

    Themed Sets » Llama Goodies

  • Llama-in-the-Box - With sounds and animations!

    by Dynamic Duo 31st Mar 2006 at 1:39pm

    LLAMA-IN-THE-BOX Fully animated toy box by Dynamic Duo (Numenor & Boblishman) Taking care of own more...

    76 102.9k 56

    Themed Sets » Llama Goodies

  • Llamaborghini - Fully animated RC Llama

    by Dynamic Duo 31st Mar 2006 at 1:28pm

    LLAMABORGHINI Fully animated Remote Controlled Llama by Dynamic Duo (Numenor & Boblishman) Llamas are very docile more...

    85 101.5k 43

    Themed Sets » Llama Goodies

  • "Tinkerbell" Wings and 'dust' (animated and 'waterproof')

    by boblishman 31st Mar 2006 at 12:13am

    Hi Guys presenting....... The "Tinkerbell" Animated Wings....with animated gold dust! more...

  • Wall Mounted Llama Lamp LL'amani

    by boblishman 29th Mar 2006 at 10:58pm

    Here you go guys..... more...

    22 43.8k 23

    Themed Sets » Llama Goodies

  • Llama toy - fully animated

    by boblishman 27th Mar 2006 at 7:43pm

    Keep your toddlers happy with this new Llama toy. more...

    85 97.7k 62

    Themed Sets » Llama Goodies

  • Toddler Hat (with optional badges)

    by boblishman 10th Mar 2006 at 8:44pm

    Hi Guys Ok.... time for a few more toddler things... more...

  • "Ready For Business" Executive Briefcase

    by boblishman 3rd Mar 2006 at 2:50pm

    Hi Guys presenting....... more...

  • 'PlaceAnywhere' Vanity Mirror

    by boblishman 2nd Mar 2006 at 11:47am

    Hi Guys, I have always wondered why there were no table mirrors in the game so I decided more...

    54 64.9k 83

    By Function » Decorative » Mirrors

  • New Toddler Mirror - **MAJOR UPDATE 4th March** - Please re-download!

    by boblishman 28th Feb 2006 at 6:26pm

    ************* MAJOR UPDATE - 4th March******************* Please re-download. more...

    340 384.5k 304

    By Function » Decorative » Mirrors

  • Hospital Wristbands Toddlers --> Elders (waterproof)

    by boblishman 15th Feb 2006 at 4:44pm

    Hi Guys, Ok ...another hospital accessory......the wristband identity tags (that we all keep, for some strange reason! more...

  • Pacifier/Dummy for Toddlers

    by boblishman 15th Feb 2006 at 10:01am

    Hi Guys, ******UPDATED******************************** You will need the Toddler Mirror to put this on existing toddlers.... It is available here... more...

  • Surgical Mask - Accessory

    by boblishman 7th Feb 2006 at 12:16am

    Ok more...

  • 'Any Counter' Ceramic Hob

    by boblishman 2nd Feb 2006 at 5:21pm

    'ANY-COUNTER' CERAMIC HOB by Boblishman & Numenor (aka "Dynamic Duo") Numenor and I have got together more...

    218 180.9k 298

    By Function » Appliances

  • Right Leg Plaster - (WATCH THEM LIMP!) *All Ages/Both Sexes*

    by boblishman 31st Jan 2006 at 10:39pm , updated 5th Feb 2006 at 9:01pm

    -------------------------------------------------------------- This can be found in the (relevant Age/Sex) Everyday - 'bottom' section of clothing...(so you can choose more...

    264 224.7k 152

    Male » Everyday » Adult