Hitman Challenge

Date Posted: 4th Nov 2014 at 12:57 AM

The Hitman Challenge
(inspired by Hitman the video game)

The Agency alarmed in the current state of their city, all clients calling to them and reporting all the madness happening in their surroundings,
the market, park, mall and other community lots are wasted and a battlefield of survival on being alive or being dead meat. Notorious gang,
corrupted politicians are ruling the city even the police department are their dogs. Now the agency only hope is your actions, everyone in the
organization knows that there is a man who doesn't exist on the enemies is capable of dealing this madness, a 'Ghost', a 'Silent Assassin', The Hitman.

your goal is to kill corrupt people or criminals that making your world to be waste land ,
especially the high profile people. You will earn money from killing a low profile
to high profile person. The challenge end when you complete all missions without any bad
records from your client.

-Create your Hitman (female/male doesn't matter)but if you are inspired like me you can also copy your hitman appearance like agent 47.
-Your Hitman has no job/part-time job.
-The traits of your HITMAN are Athletic, Brave, and Handy the other two depends on you.
-The clothes of your hitman should be an old fashion american gangster(mafia) with gloves, the male must
be bald and the female should be ponytail.
-The house doesn't matter you can have the most affordable house for a while but if you decided to buy
a big one that's good too, you can also create your own house at the start of this challenge. (this will unlock the Motherlode cheat)
-Cheats are not allowed except earning your cash from mission like the kaching cheat and the motherlode for creating your own hide-out/den.
-From the beginning of your game your household funds is down to 0 and you will have to earn it by
doing 'The Agency' missions.
-The mod you will use to kill Sims is either ani's Dexter mod, Weapon System Mod or you can use nraas Master Controller Mod to kill it automatically(since my game version is 1.50 patch I used the 1.50 patch of nraas MC mod).

-For ani's Dexter bear Mod: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=372599
-For nraas Master Conroller Mod: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/MasterController
-For Weapon System Mod: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=402950


Missions: (optional)The mission is set in the Sunset Valley.
*you can create your own missions on the other neighborhoods or download the twallan's custom career mod if you are lazy on creating your own missions.

Missions are not limited you can have it until mission 10 or even more.

note: the mission story that I provide is not related to the real story in the game just assume it that this
is part of the challenge..

Mission 1 - "Frio Brothers"
The client request to execute this brothers for make noise on their names and for doing drug trafficking
outside the city.
reward: $2,000 simoleons

Mission 2 - "The Single Dude"
The client hired you again to kill this man his name is Gobias Koffi an owner of the small time drug business
in the city, it's been reported that he also runs the prostitution in the hood.
reward: $3,000 simoleons

Mission 3 - "Big Bunch"
The client wants you to exterminate this guy "Jack Bunch" a law enforcer who is corrupted for buying drugs and for
being a wrong side of justice.
reward: $1,000 simoleons

Mission 4 - "The Langraab Family"
This mission is a high profile, the client want's you to exterminate their current founder Nancy Langraab,
years past when their family reign in the city for drug trafficking and smuggling, now they are continuing
to enhance their business by the time her son will be the next founder of this mafia family.
reward: $5,000 simoleons

Mission 5 - "The Alto Family"
This mission is a high profile, the client want's you to kill all members of the family and their subordinate
for woman trafficking and smuggling weeds and drugs outside the city also reported that they are running a club in the
Bridge port who sells also drugs..
reward: $10,000 simoleons

Mission 6 - "The Goth Family"
This mission is a high profile, the client wants you to hit the founder of this family Gunther Goth, his personalities
and visions are madman, if he stay alive in the future the city will be doomed by his corrupt actions and prostitution.
reward: $5,000 simoleons


Note: when your hitman starts its mission especially a high profile missions, they must stay hidden so they
have to avoid the guards of the family, every Mafia family has their own body guards to protect them from guys like you.

-creating a bodyguard is just like creating sims but the clothes are just like an FBI agent, the minimum body guard to create is 2 it's
up to you how many will you create.
-place them to the high profile targets, or in a rich family household for example the Alto Famiy in sunset
-then when your hitman is set to start a mission on killing this high profile targets you simply visit
their lot and act your hitman just like normal visit then when your hitman is in, you have to sneak
(you can have this hidden trait in nraas MC mod) around on the targets house without noticing by the
body guards(bodyguards is just like a household member of your target if they just automatically talk to you
like it appears the activity in your queue then game over. How it works? when you are sneaking around
and one of the bodyguards saw you and talk to you in the queue your out).

Disguise is one of the most important ability of a hitman to make not noticeable by the target.
-you can disguise your hitman by changing into your outfits.

-You will lose in this game when you are caught by the guards(automatically the hitman caughted by the guards
will be killed)
-If you use cheat in this challenge, game over.
-If you did not complete the mission by 3 missed, game is over.
-If you killed more than 3 civilians around, game is over.

-You will win this challenge for reaching the last mission without any bad records from your client..

more update about this challenge soon....

comments/suggestions are welcome
thanks for reading my challenge hope you enjoy it
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