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  • Chillgood Fridge Re-Masked

    by celtysims 4th Feb 2022 at 2:49pm

    Here’s another tiny mod from yours truly. Actually I forgot about it, then remembered it. more...

    3 1.7k 17

    Game Mods » Overrides » Other

  • Faux Fireplace Wall Collection

    by celtysims 29th Jul 2021 at 10:01am

    I saw a photo somewhere here on the internet of a cosy-looking hearth very similar (if not exactly like) the more...

  • Welcome Matt Deshined Rug

    by celtysims 12th Feb 2020 at 10:01pm

    No more shiny rug. more...

    12 21.5k 73

    Game Mods » Overrides » Other

  • University Life Alpha Omega Door Fix

    by celtysims 30th Oct 2018 at 12:31pm

    A minor edit to the UL Alpha Omega door to make it more CAStable. more...

    +1 packs 7 42.7k 77

    Game Mods » Overrides » Other

  • Digital Photo Frame Overlay Replacement

    by celtysims 10th Jun 2018 at 12:12pm

    A default replacement overlay for the Ambitions digital photo frames. more...

    +1 packs 11 39.6k 62

    Game Mods » Overrides » Other

  • Retro NASA Poster Set

    by celtysims 6th Feb 2018 at 5:00pm

    NASA's Visions of the Future retro posters for you to enjoy. more...

  • Gradient Wallpapers

    by celtysims 8th Dec 2017 at 2:20pm

    Something something A E S T H E T I C more...

  • Shiftable Televisions

    by celtysims 19th Nov 2017 at 1:12pm

    This mod allows you to move wall TVs up and down like pictures. more...

    +3 packs 20 30.9k 125

    Game Mods » Overrides » Tuning Mods

  • Unlocked Permanent Tents for Residential and Community Lots

    by celtysims 30th Sep 2017 at 4:37pm

    Unlocked pitched tents for when you need pre-built tents. more...

    +1 packs 10 24.5k 99

    Game Mods » Miscellaneous