Corrected Sclera for proper animations (works with my eyes as well as Enayla's, more)

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2007 at 4:40 PM
Updated: 30th Mar 2008 at 2:50 AM - tense agreement
Terms of use for these textures/recolors: These files may be redistributed via shared sims, so long as those sims are available in the free section of any site, and I am credited with a link back to my profile on this site. You may not charge money or a membership fee for my files: this includes "donation files" on an otherwise free site, and sites where my files would only periodically be free.

These files may also be shared via Neighborhood 99, so long as I am properly credited.

You may recolor these files so long as your derivative works are only posted or shared on free sites as described in the preceding paragraphs.

ETA: szielins has made two lower-impact correctors, which also take care of mis-colored eyelashes and mouth interiors. Check them out over here:

Have you ever noticed that heavily shadowed eyes or ones with tear ducts don't animate very well? I have some lovely eyes that look great while the sim is looking forward, but if they do any animation that involves looking around, a creepy black or pink smear appears opposite the iris, which is more than a little gross.

I freely admit that I'm just as guilty of making eyes like that as just about everyone else here.

This little bit of makeup is designed to fix that. It works with my eyes, Enayla's older eyes, RenSim's eyes, and should work with any eyes that used Louis' eyes as a guide. (So, most eyes out there). It's a multiselectable blush that layers well above full-face makeup, so you should be able to also use it with the vast majority of contacts. Even if you don't mind the odd shadows in gameplay, it might be useful to pick this up for photo-taking and storytelling.

This sclera is part of a much, much larger eye-related collection I just posted over at There are 53 eyes with this new sclera, as well as matching contacts and a default set. I'm not posting them over here because it would take too long, and I'm thoroughly sick of even looking at these files.

Additional Credits:
Skintone by Enayla, Eyeshadow by RenSim, Eyebrows are probably by Primera or maybe Helaene (ttly can't remember), Hair and Eyes by myself.