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  • Kristina Kaplace

    by AmandaPanda1988 4th Nov 2006 at 5:54pm

    So I have not uploaded anything in a very long time. more...

    4 7.3k 2

    Sims » Other » Female

  • *Requested* Wallhangings for Denna_Snape

    by AmandaPanda1988 28th Jun 2006 at 6:00pm

    Denna_Snape requested these pictures be made into wallhangings and I decided to do it. more...

  • *Requested* Ian Somerhalder & Mcfly Wallhangings

    by AmandaPanda1988 27th Jun 2006 at 9:01pm

    This was a request from Bexecola. He wanted wallhangings of these two pictures and so here they are. more...

  • Robert Stadlober

    by AmandaPanda1988 27th Jun 2006 at 6:17pm

    Today I bring you a sim that I created a while ago. more...

  • *Requested* Serge : Chrono Cross

    by AmandaPanda1988 17th Aug 2005 at 2:04pm

    Requested By : Alexander The Great Here I bring you the protagonist of the game Chrono Cross. more...

  • *Requested* Green Bedding To Match Maxis Walls

    by AmandaPanda1988 7th Aug 2005 at 10:33pm

    simsample asked me to do a recolor of the bedding to match some of the green maxis wallpapers :) I more...

  • After Midnight Platnium Blonde

    by AmandaPanda1988 6th Aug 2005 at 1:04am

    First, you will need this mesh by the wonderful Kavar: I made this because I wanted to recolor more...

    9 12.8k

    Hair » Female

  • The Green Eye Collection

    by AmandaPanda1988 6th Aug 2005 at 12:53am

    I have green eyes and I adore green eyes. So I made this. more...

    9 7.7k

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • Princess Maker 3 sets 6,7,8,9, and 10!

    by AmandaPanda1988 6th Aug 2005 at 12:31am

    Yes I was busy last night making these because I have no uploaded for a long time! more...

  • Celestial-Like Paintings

    by AmandaPanda1988 5th Aug 2005 at 11:00pm

    Yesterday I was on a roll with making new wallhangings. more...

  • Red outfit as seen in Ayashi no Ceres

    by AmandaPanda1988 3rd Aug 2005 at 9:35pm

    Well, I was looking through some pictures about a week ago and came across this one from the anime Ayashi more...

    2 4.7k 1

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • More Anime and Princess Maker 3

    by AmandaPanda1988 27th Jul 2005 at 6:14pm

    Sets 4 and 5 of my Princess Maker 3 sets! more...

  • Brian Molko of Placebo

    by AmandaPanda1988 27th Jul 2005 at 3:19am

    After being estatic about kavar filling my mesh request I decided it was time to make Brian Molko. more...

  • 2 sets of Princess Maker and 1 set of anime

    by AmandaPanda1988 27th Jul 2005 at 1:02am

    Here are some more in my Princess Maker 3 collection. 2 more sets. The pictures go with their respective downloads. more...

  • My Avatar Sim

    by AmandaPanda1988 26th Jul 2005 at 6:17am

    Due to demand in my random anime cg girl thread I have decided to upload my main sim. more...

    19 8.3k 2

    Sims » Other » Female

  • *Requested* : Tie-Back Curtains

    by AmandaPanda1988 26th Jul 2005 at 2:38am

    Simdyer had a request for these. more...

  • *Requested* : Light Maxis Brick (more added!)

    by AmandaPanda1988 26th Jul 2005 at 2:25am

    Simdyer requested the maxis brick wallcoloring to be recolored in a lighter brick. more...

  • Random Anime CG Girl!

    by AmandaPanda1988 25th Jul 2005 at 6:51am

    I spent a countless number of hours on her. more...

  • The Diamond Wall Collection *more added*

    by AmandaPanda1988 25th Jul 2005 at 3:30am

    Here is a collection of walls I have made. They come in all different colors. more...

  • Princess Maker 3 and Misc Anime

    by AmandaPanda1988 24th Jul 2005 at 11:38pm

    The first download is a pack of 4 pictures from the Princess Maker 3 video game. more...