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About Me:

My creations are licensed under a Creative Commons deed. Please do not plagiarize my hard work and claim it as yours. That is very inconsiderate, and not to mention rude! =(

Most importantly, do not attempt to commercialize my creations. I do not wish for my works to be commercialized. Working on creating something for myself and sharing with the Sims 2 community is done as a hobby of mine and made out of enjoyment. =) I do not do it for profit.

You are allowed to modify my creations and create something totally new and fantastic. I do not mind at all. Go ahead, in fact! However, if you are going to share it, please have a heart and credit my work. Don't forget to let me know about it so that I can go and take a look!

Thank you for reading this. Now what are you waiting for? Go, go, go download! Enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed creating them! Cheers! =D

No Terms of Usage

This creator has no TOU!

If in doubt, it may be good to contact them if you have a question about using their assets for your own upload. However, the creator not having a TOU could mean they don't mind what happens with their content and you can use their assets as you wish.

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  • Chemistry Major - Testing!

    by vangaza 14th Oct 2006 at 2:15pm

    Hehehe! My first custom-made major, the Chemistry major! more...

    +1 packs 6 14.5k 3

    Careers » University Majors

  • Domestic Service Career (Teens, Adults, Elders)

    by vangaza 13th Oct 2006 at 8:01am

    IMPORTANT :!: Logs of updates: As of 7 June 2007, :new: The teen/elder version of this career more...

    18 51.4k 18

    Careers » EP compatible