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Default TS2 Tutorial - How to Clean your Lots from Bad Custom Contents/Hacks.
Its Good for everyone to follow this tutorial before uploading a Lot or before they start a new game with un-checked Lots. I'll be honest, i never had any problems even when my Lots had bad CC.. As long as i was able to play my game everything were good. BUT it's for the best after all to remove bad CC because some times and some of them they leading your game to crash.I tried many methods. The Lot Compressor method.. The SimPE method.. But the only method that did the job was this one:

What You Will need:
Chris Hatch's Lot Cleaner
Mootilda's Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer
Bulk Rename Utility (optional)
HoodChecker Neighborhood Corruption Detector (optional)

(Something i really want to note:You may think that you know how to use the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer.. But BELIEVE ME you will be surprised....)
- So, Back to the tutorial ! On this tutorial we will clean My X Tattoo Studio Community Lot

1) Install the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer and the Bulk Rename Utility.

2) Personally i move all my CC from the "Downloads" documents folder to a different place because i need the game to load faster, as i don't want to play and i don't need the CC. And i leave the "Downloads" folder empty. And after i am done with cleaning the lot(s) i place the CC back to “Downloads”

3) Place Chris Hatch's "Lot Cleaner" Mod to your "Downloads Folder"

*4) In my lot folder i have included the MESHES in a folder. What i do is i rename all the cc with Bulk Rename Utility to remove the special characters and i copy and paste the folder inside the "Downloads" Folder. (*If you want to clean a CC-Free lot, Skip this step.)
In this case/In this lot, the meshes are already renamed (all my lots have removed special characters CC.)

*5) Make a new folder at the "Downloads" and name it CC. There we will put the CC of the lot. (*If you want to clean a CC-Free lot, Skip this step.)

6) After doing this, i open the lot package with the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer. What i would usually do in the past, is just select the Install button and i was done. IT'S NOT THE RIGHT WAY. Even if you don’t want to clean your lots, you should always install your lots with the way i will show you.

7) Click The Home Button (this will select to install only the building) Then press “Install” and then Ok.

*8) What we want to do now, is to click the last button, Uncheck the building and click “Install”. What this button did, is that it kept all the CC except hacks. (*If you want to clean a CC-Free lot, Skip this step.)

*9) A small window will show up. Uncheck the "Default Installation" and the "Generate Sims2Import File". Click on the arrow next to teleport and then select "Browse..." (*If you want to clean a CC-Free lot, Skip this step.)

*10) Find the CC folder we create in “Downloads” Folder and click the Ok button. Then Install and Then again Ok. (*If you want to clean a CC-Free lot, Skip this step.)

*11) Close the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer and Open “The HoodChecker Neighborhood Corruption Detector”. Follow the tutorial i have made and clean the neighborhood you will place the lot in. (*This Step is optional just to be more safe.)

12) Open The Sims 2 Game. And then Select the Neighborhood you want to place the lot in. When the game goes to Neighborhood view, Go to the “Lots and Houses” (or press F2) Find the build, place it down and go into it.

13) When the Lot Opens, Go to Buy Mode (or press F2) and then click the Miscellaneous Category.

14) Click AGAIN the Miscellaneous (sub)Category.

15) Find Chris Hatch’s Mod Click on it, Wait for the description to show up.

16) And then Place it on the lot.

17) Delete the Object from the Lot and repeat the Step 15.

18) Click to Save the Lot and then Exit the lot and go to the Neighborhood view.

19) Click the (Now Cleaned) Lot and select to “Package Lot to a file”. Wait until the package is ready and when a window will pop click OK. (This might take a few minutes)

20) Exit the game, Go to your Documents Folder, then EA Games, then The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, Then PackagedLots and find your Clean Lot !!!. It’s ready for sharing or just for gameplay

21) If you want to check if your lot did cleaned or if any other lot has bad CC, Open the package Lot with the Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer and see if it has CC with Red Border. Those are the bad CC. If a Lot does not have red border CC it’s safe!
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Please explain why we couldn't simply share lots by following these three simple steps:

1) Purchase Chris Hatch's Lot Cleaner.
2) Package lot to file.
3) Use Clean Installer to weed out mods/crap that got packaged that you don't want packaged.

Also, why do you think it's necessary to unpack the lot and unpack CC it came with in two separate steps?
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Originally Posted by HugeLunatic
Red highlighted cc is not bad, it's simply a mod that overwrites the games original.

True. So. Why is this tutorial up with incorrect information in it? While I know (and others know) that the red highlighted CC is not necessarily "bad", there are people who don't know that and may delete things that they really don't want to get rid of.
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