Consort's Heavy Males

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2005 at 11:41 PM
Updated: 20th Nov 2005 at 5:03 PM - edit


NOV20: The showerproof skin addon is finally available here

NOV19: I reorganized the zip files to heavypack1 and 2. The files inside are updated versions of the previous meshes. Just unpack and overwrite the old files.
Guys in Longhirt/Jeans, Tshirt/Shorts, Swimshorts had some bumps removed, the tshirt/shorts guy has slightly bigger arms and slightly smaller legs to conform with the other meshes.
The guy in the formal has now a slightly higher belly to avoid animation glitches when he sits down.
Compatibility to the previous versions should be 100%, No need to rebuy clothes at the store.

Swimshorts outfit added (NOV18)
Formal outfit added (NOV 13)

I was just bored of them skinny 60kg guys in the game, so I wanted heavier ones. I bet we all have created sim-families that have TV themes like Sopranos, King of Queens, Simpsons, wahtever... the fat males are just skinny with a belly... not heavy enough

-What is this?
5 Outfits including meshes that give you heavyboned male adult/elder Sims. They do change arms and legs and body but the Game treats them as Clothing. So you have to buy them at the store or (better) create a test sim and equip him with the clothes.

The files in the zip file should be copied to your sims2 downloads folder (usually in My Documents/EA Games/The Sims2/downloads)

The zip contains 8 (4 in pack2) files, they all say "CONSORT" in the title somewhere. if you remove them your system should be free of the new clothes

Please tell me if things show up correctly, if they interfere with anything you use please tell me aswell.
If everything works fine, test your heavyboned sim and tell me what you like or dislike.

I only have the basic Sims2, no addons.
There have been no complaints so far from Nightlife/University users, so it seems to be all compatible


Thanks for your time!