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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2013 at 6:53 PM
Updated: 7th Jan 2014 at 2:56 AM
7 Jan 2014 - Version 1.2 released

What this mod does

This mod updates adults and elders every night to simulate an ageing process.
You are free to run the mod on everyone or just selected Sims.

-Sims gradually get gray hair
-Sims get wrinkles and stuff (age weathering) according to their age
-Some walkstyle adjustments (young elders are more agile)
-Sims have the option to dye their hair if they are unhappy with their greying hair

Activating the mod

The mod is not active by default.
Every adult and elder has a ConsortAge sim-menu where you can activate the mod.

Uninstalling the mod

Please use the !CLEAN UP option before you delete the mod.
Also disable the Mod before you copy Sims to the sim bin.
If everything goes wrong, the mod offers cheat command that tries to undo changes.

Sim Menu

Enable Mod for $Name
Updates the Sim according to her age and adds him to the list of nightly updates

Disable Mod for $Name
Updates the Sim with cached values to undo changes.

Enable mod for all Sims in Town
Cycles through all relevant Sims and applies Age features.
The mod will now run nightly updates on ALL new found adults and elders unless you specifically have disabled the mod for them.

!CLEAN UP (Undo Mod for all Sims in Town)
Cycles through all relevant Sims currently present in your town and restores non-modded values for them.
Turns off nightly updates

This is how you can find out if the mod is active for a specific Sim plus some mod related stuff.

Dye Grey Hair (cheap)
Dye Grey Hair (expensive)

-Not available for active Sims. Please use any mirror or spa.
-Only available if the Mod is on for the specific sim

Force dyes the townie's hair to make them look younger

Dyeing Hair

Some Sims feel too young to have grey hair. Luckily modern chemistry offers amazing solutions:

Dye Grey Hair Cheap (§29.98)

Available with every Mirror

Your Sim will apply Grey-Gon-Goo(tm) to their face hair.
Grey-Gon-Goo(tm) Landgraab Industries(tm) latest and bestest hair-encancement product. Absolutely nothing can go wrong.
However, page 42 of the Grey-Gon-Goo(tm) End User License Agreement (included in the box) states that "user experience may vary."
Grey-Gon-Goo should not be applied near eyes, mouth or pubic areas and must be kept out of reach of children.

Dye Grey Hair Expensive (§300)

Available at the Spa

Your Sim will be offered a coffee while waiting. Along with a leaflet stating that "Home dyeing is killing the DaySpa industry!"
I hear they do a a really good job.

Nighghtly updates
They get triggered at 1 a.m. and might take a while.
If you run the game on a weak CPU you might see some choppyness around that time.

The adult to elder birthday first turns your Sim into an ordinary elder. The mod will run an update within an hour or so.

There are some cheats you can type in via the cheat console. You should not need them but they might be useful.

age clean
The mod keeps data for Sims it has modified and will not delete it for 21 sim-days. This data can be force flushed by typing the above command

age fix $firstname $lastname
Tries to restore original hair and removes all age weathering for a Sim.
Try to remember to switch off the mod for Sims you export and before you uninstall the mod, so hopefully you will not need this.
"*" runs on all Sims, handle with great care.

XML Tuning
The ConsortAgeTuning.package is optional. You only need it if you wish to modify it.

This is a pure scripting mod and should play nice with all other mods, custom content etc.
The mod most likely works with earlier patches than 1.63, but you're on your own there. I can't test or fix things in earlier patch versions.

Special <3 to Inge for the hair-counselling and coding suggestions!

-Most of the Simlogical crowd. You guys rock
-Peter and Inge for S3PE and S3.. the other one. SimsMX for his very readable code I could use as "inspiration", Twallan ofc for MasterController which made testing so much easier.