Christmas Set by xts *NL Req*

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Uploaded 17th Nov 2005 at 2:08 AM · Updated 20th Oct 2008 at 2:03 PM by -Maylin-

Christmas Decoration Lighting

by xts

This object was cloned from the Romantic Romance Candle Lighting by Elle and Eey. (If I remember the exact names correctly) **NightLife Required**

Aside from the destroyed version (the smashed one for when a sim breaks it) (unedited), the counts are as follows:

model name facets vertex

groundlightpattern 2 4
flame 20 250
votive 942 1028
glass 1171 1270
metal 608 626

Total: 2743 3178

Now if you know counts, you'll see that the counts are kinda high. If I didn't decorate it the way I did, it would've looked very drab. It's a good object though so I'm uploading for those who don't mind, like me. I created it for my game (like nearly all my objects) but I think others might enjoy it.

CEP3 CLONE (object is colour-enabled thanks to the CEP3).

Animation:The lights next to the doors light up slightly, the lights around the ice blink and the ones on the tree flash colorfully like a real tree and they don't blink at the same time. :D

Note:Otherwise primarily decorative lighting for the holiday Season. There is a church and a house here so if you are not Christ believing and don't like it, don't get it If it doesn't bother you that it has a cross, you should find it pleasing for your sims' homes.

I dedicate this set to Jesus. Besides, isn't that why we have Christmas? I've been trying to dedicate each piece to someone whom I'm fond of.

This item will show up with a asterisk under lighting, not decorative. Table top lighting to be exact.

Lights On (clear view, well lit)

Lights On While Dark

Credits:Thanks goes to MTS2, SimPe, MeshTool, UVMapper, EA Games, Numenor, JWoods and a special thanks to the moderators for tolerating me and another special thanks to those whom appreciate my work.

If you would like to say thanks, you can say it in text below or by clicking the thank you button on the left (or both). I'm open to Constructive criticism.

Happy Moddin'/Simmin'!

NOTE: There should be no problems but if there are, please post your problem here so we can know what it's doing. Thank you Hope you guys like it.
If I could have done this set with a base object, I would have but could not find a suitable base game object to clone so it had to be NightLife Required. Sorry about that.

EDIT: With given credits to xts and link back here and keep it free, you can upload this within a lot, recolor it or share it. But I am not stating that recoloring this object will be easy.. Fair warning. The votive part is recolorable. The flame as well, if I remember right. Best of luck if you do decide to recolor it. The roof is considered metal and cannot be recolored.