Testers Needed: Louis XVI Style Library/Study

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Uploaded 20th Jan 2006 at 8:48 AM

Hi everyone!

It’s great to be back! I was away on assignment and getting my degree. I’m back and have my degree and wanted to comeback with something special for everyone. First I would like to thank both IgnorantBliss and Numenor for their help on some of the smaller issues I came across while making this set. Second, I notice that I have a “few” PM’s which I have not answered; I have not forgotten you, I will answer each and everyone!

On to the set (sorry for all the pictures, I didn’t realize there would be so many!) I was inspired to make this after seeing this type of beautiful furniture in Europe. It’s a Louis XVI style library/study with all the accessories. I hope you like it. It works great in my game, but please let me know if you have any trouble with it.

All the pieces are mix and match. I have added a subset to the curtains so the wood colors can also be mixed around to your tastes.

Please feel free to recolor any item you like, with the proper credits please. These items are to stay on this site ONLY. These meshes are for EVERYONE to enjoy and will remain FREE. You can certainly link back to this thread if you have re-colors on your site.

I tried as close as I could to stay within the 800 – 900 poly count per tile on most of the objects. Some are a bit higher, but if they were any lower the integrity of the mode would be jeopardized, that is why I have individual zip files for each object, so you can download what you like. Each zip file contains the mesh and the re-colors. Even with the slightly higher counts, I have not run into any problems with them. Each item also has it’s own GUID, so there should be no conflicts with any other items in your game.

You will notice with the bookcase that your Sim may pull a book out of a bottom shelf that is not there sometimes, or put one back there.

-Bookcase 1,937 faces
-Rococo Chair 2,762
-Rococo Couch 3,092
-Curtains 996
-Desk 1,844
-Library Chair 2,576
-End Table 1,200
-Fireplace Screen 600
-Fireplace Painting 154
-Wall Painting 91
-Square Painting 38
-Desk Chair 2,011
-Side Table 1,552

Thanks, I hope you enjoy!!!