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Easter Bunny NPC

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2006 at 5:38 AM
Updated: 22nd May 2009 at 2:18 PM
Since it's Easter, and Maxis hasn't given us one, here's a (hopefully) fully functioning Easter Bunny NPC! A while ago I did some research into custom NPCs that never eventuated, but this occurred to me yesterday and I just had to make it.

You will need all three packages in the zip file installed.

To get an easter bunny in your game, buy the "Crest of Bunny" object from Decorative > Wall (it looks like two crossed carrots) and put it somewhere in your house. Now, send all your sims to bed, and once they're all asleep, wait for Bunny to arrive!

Bunny will cheer at the carrot-crest for a moment, before swiping it (hey, it's *his* family crest!). Then, for each of the non-NPC sims on the lot (who are child or older), he will show a thought bubble of their face and create an easter egg that can only be eaten by that sim. When everyone has been given an egg, he will disappear.

Within a few minutes of waking up, your sims will "discover" the egg, look shocked for a moment, then eat it. This will slightly boost fun and hunger.

Bunny does not interact with sims. He is shy and does not like to be crowded. Visitors will receive eggs, but if they leave the lot before eating them then the eggs will become useless and the sims will clean them up. No stealing of eggs is allowed!

Bug reports are very welcome here, so long as they are detailed. This is a *testing* download and may cause unforseen problems.

Have a marvellous Easter everyone!

-This download is not compatible with original + Uni installations. No idea why at this point - it seems like the changes in maxis global functions was just too significant for me to manage between Uni and NL.
-Some users without all the EPs have noted unusual behaviour, including having the hula dancer appear instead of the bunny. This seems to be related to users having OFB or not, so it is now being flagged as OFB required. Note that it may still work with different combinations of EPs, but is not guaranteed.

-Thanks to stazie13 for pointing out the toddler egg problem. New version should not generate eggs for babies or toddlers (as neither of them can eat the eggs anyway!)