plickas cone buns

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Uploaded 24th Jun 2006 at 5:09 PM

This gorgeous hair was a request i found and wanted for myself as well, it's for YA-Elder females and only needs the original game to work (arent i nice!)
As shown in the pictures it doesnt have the best movement, thats something i just dont have the patience to learn, nor is it colour binned...well it's an odd colour anyway i guess! it looks great with little hats too, both hats (well one of the hat skins is mine) are on this site so dont ask me!
Faces-558 Vertices-794 (REALLYYYYY NICE :P)

rules:- recolour to your hearts content but leave the mesh here, dont alter my mesh in any way but feel free to tinker with the alpha as much as you want, upload recolours or this hair texture to websites/exchange with credit, no paysites, no donations, thanks go to Wes for the milkshape plugin and to all of you for all the thanks and emails i still get!
let me know if there are any problems i can help with, as long as they are to do with MY work and not this site!