Pixie Variety

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Uploaded: 14th Aug 2006 at 7:34 PM
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Pixie Variety

Been working to give my skins some more variety, and I thought I'd release them for your enjoyment :D

Pixie Night

This is the Pixie Night skin, dedicated to beosboxboy for helping me out with the transitions on dark skins. It's a dark, warm skin without any distinguishing birth marks or scars.

Pixie Hush

The Pixie Hush skin is a darker version of Pixie Rust, it's still very warm in tone and looks deeply tanned. It has a birth mark on the left cheek. It doesn't show well in the screen shots, but Hush is noticably lighter and warmer than Night is.

Pixie Gold

The Pixie Gold skin has lightly Asian features and two prominent birth marks as well as a few lighter, nearly invisible ones. I've made a skin out of a face mask I was using for my character Felix, as quite a lot of people were interested in something like that :] So here you are!