Pixie Realms

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Uploaded: 3rd Sep 2006 at 7:26 PM
Updated: 3rd Sep 2006 at 10:13 PM
These are Pixie skins; for more details on the muscle tone, please see any of my other Pixie skins. It's a fantasy set, so please don't expect something that will look good on Joe Schmoe :D

Pixie Guilt
The Pixie Guilt is steely grey with some intricate detailing on the brow.

It comes packed with Knowledge eyes and a set of eyebrows that works only with this skin. Delete if you don't want them.

Pixie Winter
The Pixie Winter skin is pale and bluishly silver, and has delicate patterns around the eyes, leading down the cheeks. It goes with pretty much any makeup and eyebrows, so there are no brows included.

It comes packed with Dark Gem eyes.

Pixie Royal
The Pixie Royal skin is the most elaborate of all the skins and because of the details on it, does not need eyebrows – and rarely makeup either. It is a deep silvery blue in colour. The patterns dominate the brow, eyes and nose.

It comes packed with Broken Crystal and Shattered Glass eyes.

Pixie Nymph
The Pixie Nymph is warm and greenish in tone, and has softly patterned leaves on the face and a few on the chest and back as well. Its peculiar green tone is very different from my Pixie Anomaly skin, so don't worry that the two are too much alike.

It comes packed with Summer Glow eyes.

If you're curious of the difference in colour tone, see this:

Seen in the pictures, and not done by me;
Nymph: Male hair by Louis (with a cut by Oepu), Female hair by Peggysims2.
Winter: Male hair by XM Sims, female hair by Peggysims2.
Guilt: Male hair by Seomi, female hair by Sussisogoodsims2
Royal: Male hair by Sshodan (recoloured by Schuldig), female hair by Peggysims2.

For questions regarding use, see: