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Sedona - an default suburb as an alternative to Bluewater

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Uploaded: 28th Sep 2006 at 12:47 AM
Updated: 17th Jan 2011 at 10:07 PM by whiterider
Update 14 Jan 2007 - The two children in the Jones family become faceless in their teens, but you canl get their faces back after two "change appearance" actions. Change Dee and Eenie into facepaint when they become teens. You'll notice they get a default face, but don't worry. The second "change appearance" to remove the facepaint again, gives them their own face back. This fix seems stable - thanks Jordi. Keeping it in testing for a while in case I hear more on this.

original post
I've made an alternative to Bluewater on desert terrain. You add it to your game as a template so can add Sedona instead of Bluewater whenever you decide to add a shopping district to any neighborhood. If you only have OFB, you will get a choice between Bluewater and Sedona when you add a shopping district. Unfortunately, Pets broke the counter that lets you see all the defaults and if you have Pets, you'll need to replace Bluewater temporarily.

Sedona is too big to upload here as it's nearly 20MB in a rar with 43 lots and 33 sims. The download on offer here is the readme and it's here so you can see what's involved. The actual rar file can be downloaded from my website. For more pictures and storyline read the Sedona story on the Exchange.

I only have base game and Open for Business, so there is no Uni or NL content and you can put Sedona in your game as long as you have OFB. If you have Nightlife, you might want to change the aspiration of some of the alien shoppers to Pleasure.

In case you'd rather make your own template, here's the thread that explained how to do it.
MATY - How to make a default sub-hood The thread on MATY where testing began is here